Sarai Nissan – Doppelgangers and Ghosts

Sarai Nissan – Doppelgangers and Ghosts

The Lady you are about to meet, Sarai Nissan, will take you to a dark and romantic place…

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Picture of Sarai Nissan taken by Lewis Mitchell Neeff


I got to know her through Instagram and was entirely drawn to her aesthetic and the things she surrounds herself with… every picture she posts, as candid as it may be seems to give you a feeling of a cold winter day that is still somewhat beautiful because you spend it with a loved one… A mixture of sadness and warmth, dedication, passion and grey skies…

I asked the Photography-Student from Colorado what she has planned for the near future and what she focuses on at the moment.

„I am usually working on more than just one project at a time. I am working on three final pieces, a mural piece, a digital photo series and a 35mm series.

The mural piece is going to be a 10 feet by 4 feet diptych from a series exploring the relationship between identical twins and doppelgangers”


As an identical twin I have made very few pieces about actually being a twin and enlisted my twin sister to model with me in these pieces. The approach I took to this series is very different than my usual work, I rarely shoot in a studio and without natural light. I am very drawn to nature and places that have been standing for hundreds of years so shooting a series with just a back drop in my apartment is very foreign for me. For my 35mm series I have been torn between a few ideas I have in my head, I will just say that it will involve ghosts


But Photography is by far not the only thing Sarai is working on…

 “ Lately I have been kind of disenchanted with photography. I was originally going to go to school for painting (it is my one and first true love) but I chose photography because I had recently started working in this medium and people seemed to be liking what I was making, not to mention it would be easier for me to make a career from without too much struggling. I still do love photography and always will but I miss my roots in painting and have been doing much more of that in my free time.“In the future I plan to create photos while incorporating my paintings into them, so we will all see what happens I suppose.“

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So to see more of Sarai’s work and get to know about her upcoming projects visit her on Instagram:


You can get her beautiful art on:

Gwendolyne Hawk

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