BriJit Blair – Witches Brew – ” ...

BriJit Blair – Witches Brew – ” Gallows “

One of the interesting things about having a store is meeting all the interesting people whom walk in the door.

I met BriJit during a tarot class I was teaching at Keven Craft Rituals. She walked in with her gutter punk, black on black outfit and a huge patch of one of my all-time favorite albums.

BriJit Blair musician singer songwriter the house of twigs witches brew gallowsCome to find out, she’s a pretty fantastic musician. Although she is a bit younger than me, she reminded me of my times growing up listening to predominately UK punk  music from the 80’s while I was a self-proclaimed, 16 year old punker.

This particular song is from 2012 but seems pretty pertinent today. Her “X”, unplugged style, “Gallows” song off of her Witches Brew Album is quite catchy and gives me chills. I feel the call.

Erika Fortner

Creator, Curator and Writer of THOT & Owner of Keven Craft Rituals, galley and boutique of handmade skincare products & metaphysical boutique in Eugene, OR. Erika is a fine artist, mother, lover of beer and a former roller derby player.