How Magick Can Be Used to Defeat Fascism

How Magick Can Be Used to Defeat Fascism

If you’re living in these times you have experienced major shifts these past few moons. I find it challenging at times to not feel defeated at the poison that has crept its way into our soil, our hearts, and our souls. We have succumbed to a sickness that we refused to accept for some time or maybe failed to realize was knocking loudly at the backdoor.  I am enraged, as my heart burns within, my voice speaking in tongues, as I lash out the darkest curse towards our U.S. leader. He has arrived on our front porch, the Cheeto faced grin of misogynist fascist pride.

How do we survive this time when this time seems unbearable and without the dawn to wake us from our slumber? That answer lies deep within us. Within our blood, our birthright, and our contract we have to the deepest parts of ourselves, to our Magick.


Magick is our guide to perspective of greater things at work in this cosmic chess game the Universe has dealt for us.

Magick manifests itself into form. When action and intention are put forth with enough power behind it, the result itself is channeled through those who have bestowed upon it. We become to understand the ritual dance between the mundane and the sacred. The very act of daily routine can seem quite boring, yet to the contrary providing enough active awareness around any activity, can transform into a sacred action. When we look at how we act within the magickal realm, we see that every action can have a response or reaction. We can react from a place of fear, scarcity, and competitiveness, or respond from a place of love, abundance and the ability to hold each other up through a woven web of support.

Magick is a response to what’s calling you forth from the unseen, the betwixt and between spaces of consciousness, and is waiting for you to heed the call. Will you answer?

Here are some ways that magic can be used to defeat fascism.

Gather Together.

In the woods, around fires, in the local apothecary, in our
hearths. Nourish each other.  Now more than ever, we gather together for the ones burned long before. The time we spend in our local community makes an imprint, fully felt through the way in which we gather. With intention, carrying out and crossing thresholds drawn within the circles laid before us.

Magick is a radical act.

We will not accept things as they are or they appear
to be. The veil has been lifted before us, and now more than ever the waves have risen for us to ride. Every spell can be a political chant against the”isms” that have casted dark clouds of ignorance, homophobia,transphobia, racism and pure hatred from the Black Snake that spits its poisonous venom into our beloved Mother Earth.

With rhythm comes ritual. With each word written or spoke, now the truth that can be invoked.

Mystery as guide.

Speak to the winds that whisper in your ears. Stoke the fire as the embers burn. Live into the stories of the bone woman by the campfire. Drink from waters that run through forrest-scapes. Witness the greatness of our Ocean Mother, whose very vastness leaves us breathless. Feel the soil on your bared feet while you plant seeds in the shell of the old, to make way for the collective re-wilding. Mystery invites us to peer beyond the veil, and from there is where we meet our magick.

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Just remember, with great intention comes great responsibility. Be ready to move towards your path of initiation as it comes, and meet fear with glaring teeth and fiery howls. If you don’t believe in magick, you will never be ready to greet it. It is up to us to uncover what has long been forgotten.

Tara Burke

Tara is in deep relationship with the art of storytelling. She looks to the those in the shadows as on the frontier, not the fringes. Tara is looking forward towards her time at The House of Twigs to romance the witches muse and the dance of duality between one's existence betwixt and between.