Tell Me Your Story

A open letter to all the women who feel weighed down by their own world. A reminder not to hide your greatness, because your words are your medicine and they can heal the world.


Sister, come sit with me and tell me your story.


Do not fear your darkness,

These wounds are what make you strong, your awareness of them marks you as your own medicine women.  

Your vulnerability will spark within you your own healing journey.


Go inside, deep within your soul and  find your truths.

Bring them to the surface and allow them to  bubble over.


In these times we must not force ourselves to carry this burden alone. I am holding space for you here, this is your safe place. You have permission to unload and let go.


key story time women speak circle the house of twigs


We carry with us the silent struggles and self-harming belief systems of our mothers and our grandmothers, and the wounds grow
deeper everyday.

The longer we keep our stories to ourselves, the longer we will carry around the burden alone.

But if we do the work to heal ourselves of the transgenerational trauma that is passed down from mother to daughter, we can be free from the fear of being too big, or too loud, or too much.

When we heal ourselves of these energetic wounds passed down for generations, we heal our mothers and our grandmothers and our children and their children, and we can change the course of the path we walk on.


Sister, Tell me your story,

I value knowing that the scars we bare, come from the same internal fight.

And I know that while we may walk down different paths,

We are climbing the same mountain.

As I listen to the words of your story, I remember that I am not alone.


In a world of 50 hour work weeks, parking tickets, broken hearts and empty tip cups,   

We must take the time to share our heavy load.

We must take the time to gather with our coven to heal each other, to heal ourselves.

We must not let our truths go unspoken.

When we come together in circle, our power is amplified.


Our power is strengthened by our chants and our songs. The sound of our voices amplifies our ability to heal one another and heal our community.

We owe it to ourselves and to our daughters and our daughter’s daughters. We deserve to heal, and we deserve to be heard.

By sharing our soul’s desires and our darkest secrets, in created sacred space and participating in ritual, we can change the course of the path that we walk on.

key story time women speak circle the house of twigs


Tell me your story,


I will listen like the trees listen to the wind.

I will hold the space you need to explore the depth of your inner self.

Back to our wild roots, we can go farther together.  Hand in hand, we can transform our scars into beautiful tiger stripes that mark us as warriors. We can change the world through the love and respect we develop for ourselves.


Reclaim your power through the expression of your deepest fears

Rediscover the magic that you’ve always had, and

Remember you don’t have to carry that burden alone.


Tell me your story, for your story is the medicine you and I both need.

We have kept our lips sealed for too long but tonight our throats open, our voices rise up,

And our message pours out.

Lauren Roberts

Writer, Moon Witch, Carrier of Ancient Womb Wisdom -- Lauren is a Catalyst for Feminine Empowerment, and the Founder of Womb Tree Alchemy. She is an Intuitive Coach and Ritual Facilitator for Women seeking to cultivate a deep connection with their own personal magic through the Cycles of the Moon and the Divine Feminine.