Destruction’s Sacred Call

I am summoned by the whispers of the terrified maidens, the broken down mothers and the tired crones.

Their voices beckon me from my shallow, cold grave-like, home, to burn and smash all that no longer serves this sacred mission. It is my name that you will hear amongst the ashes. For my name holds the power of destruction and death. I am the end.

I am also the creator, but my power aligns with the force that crumbles the old towers.

I am time, and time will take away everything that you ever loved.

lauren roberts womb tree wellness kali destruction patch rebornYou will not survive my rage. Piece by piece, I will steal away your protective layers. One by one. Before long, everything you once were will be destroyed by my hand.

But my seemingly thoughtless destruction makes way for everything that is new, everything that you will be. Without my raging forest fire and wicked blade, there would be no room for the growth that is about to explode from every cell in your little, human shell.

The life you have been living is over. I have arrived to midwife you through your own rebirth, and it cannot be all light and ascension. You must dive into your deep, dark rage, and destroy old thoughts, old habits, and old relations, in order to walk this new path.

If you come to me in my dark madness, and see me for every bit of magick that I am, your fears will melt like wax. You will see that a life is actually a collection of lives lived one after another, and that death and destruction is not to be feared, but to be prepared for.

My battle cry will be heard across the world, in the nightmares of all those who stand against this sacred mission. I cannot soften myself, or make myself less than I am, I will not stop. Only the truest love can temper the wild force that surrounds me. lauren roberts womb tree wellness kali destruction patch reborn

If you trust enough to plunge with me into the cold, dark abyss, I promise that you will arrive on the other side, and that you will feel all new and shiny.
But the memories of your old self will always remain, like deep scars from the battlefield.

Follow me into the dark womb and rebuild every inch of your shattered soul. I will tend to your wounds like a mother to her child. With me as your
guide, you will emerge as a fierce warrior, ready to fight for this sacred mission.

Within the sacred skulls lives the infinite knowledge that has been collecting since the very first sunrise, and I give them to you to safeguard. This wisdom is now yours to protect. Your own destruction prepared you for this very moment. You are now the keeper and like me, you will smash anyone who tries to prevent you from this sacred call. lauren roberts womb tree wellness kali destruction patch reborn

Each breath is another chance for you to rebirth yourself.  Messy and painful as it is, there are gifts hidden in your destructive darkness. Know that your shadow fuels your transformation, and fearing the abyss stunts your essential growth.

Just as I was once beckoned from my grave, I call you to destruction. You have the power to deconstruct everything around you and from the rubble you can build the world you saw in your scrying stones. Take what you have learned from all of your lives, and build the world that serves this sacred mission.

Destroy the old towers and plant red poppies and red roses in their place. Nurture the seeds with the blood of the moon and watch them grow. The power to create and destroy pulses through your veins and radiates from your dark womb, and the choice is yours. This is your sacred mission.

Lauren Roberts

Writer, Moon Witch, Carrier of Ancient Womb Wisdom -- Lauren is a Catalyst for Feminine Empowerment, and the Founder of Womb Tree Alchemy. She is an Intuitive Coach and Ritual Facilitator for Women seeking to cultivate a deep connection with their own personal magic through the Cycles of the Moon and the Divine Feminine.