Tales of a Weeping Widow

We all know these feelings that old items and vintage goods make us feel… like they are home to many ghosts, memories and history. They tell stories of darkness, light, love and pain. Long gone lovers can stare at us through a picture and be very much alive in the moment you meet their eyes.
Old furniture, old pictures, old everyday items and books, they all hold past secrets and they can only tell you about those by making you feel.
So sharpen your senses and get in touch with your intuition when we are now going to meet one of the internets finest shops for antique goods with a macabre twist.
Weeping Widow Antiques
Katie Bonasch was always interested in the curiosities and strange things in life. She grew up learning from two collectors to keep an eye out for the unusual and antiques.


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I grew up with my parents both collecting antiques. my mother has always loved and collected items from the Victorian era. my dad has always collected antique gas station and car items.
As a kid I would always go antique shopping on the weekends with my parents. I always tell my parents they are to blame for my obsession!
Over the years I started to accumulate so much stuff so I decide to start an Etsy shop to sell somethings. then I just fell in love with the idea of spending my free time hunting down cool and unique things!
My obsession is the Victorian mourning era. it has always fascinated me that our ancestors took photos of the deceased & created art out of the hair of the deceased!



Searching for ghosts of our past with a schooled eye for the unique she browses through fleamarkets and stores to find the most interesting pieces for her clients.


I am working on filling my Etsy shop with unique, rare and odd items that are at least 30 years old. I search the internet, estate sales, garage sales, antique shops, flea markets and fairs looking for cool things with history!
A majority of the items in my shop are victorian era photos and post mortem photography.




While all that looking into the past let’s take a little look into the future as well.


One day soon I’d love to open up a store front but I love the online community! you get to reach so many more people! I often have customers tell me that they don’t have antique stores near them so the only way to find unique antiques is online.



To support this dream, go to Weeping Widow Antiques and dive into the wonderful world of antiques and oddities…
Here are some things you can find in the shop:
– antique taxidermy
– Victorian era items
– victorian photographs
– antique glass bottles
– post mortem photography
– victorian mourning jewelry
– antique dolls
– vintage kitsch knick knacks
– etc.


Find Katie on Instagram: @weepingwidowantiques



Gwendolyne Hawk

Staff writer for The House of Twigs and creator of German Brand and online Store Ancient Hearts. Ancient Hearts is a one-woman art and witchcraft project from Germany.