BeSOUL My Beating Bull: New Moon Ritual Edition

BeSOUL My Beating Bull: New Moon Ritual Edition

With the Spring upon us, we gather round the circle to caste the coming of Spring and Beltane. We take our sacred objects, ritual tools, and find a space to sow the seeds deep into our own inner longing. The question arises:

tara burke soul collage creation

What is your soul seeding? What are you calling forth into being? 


The new moon allows us to take the time to draw inward, with a sacred pause and initiation towards what we hope to call forth into our outer landscape. Declare your prayers and sing your dreams. Let what you have been putting in the shadows show it’s face in the moonlight. The New Moon in Taurus rides the caravansary of the bull. With her innately feminine qualities rooted in the earth’s desires, and her horns shaped as crescent moons, this Taurean energy is asking us to listen to what’s been stirring at the beating gates of the heart, and be willing to present the key to open it up to the imaginal possibilities.

When thinking of what to call forth in this ritual edition, I came back to this quote William Mountfort’s Zelmane, 1705: “Ha! hold my Brain; be still my beating Heart.”

When the heart rushes to the rational, to one’s fast paced expectations of having to figure it all out, we lose the chance for stillness, for reflection of drawing inward and being quiet in our heart. The recent retrogrades of planets have provided the perfect platform to explore quietly and carefully where truth is happening in-between the spaces of the rational and liminal mind.  It is time we give truth the place it deserves. It won’t be put away for another day, it won’t be something we no longer have time for. To move towards creation, here is a ritual for this Taurus New Moon.

Rituals for the New Moon

Vision Board

Having never considered myself an artist, yet drawn to the pull, vision boards have been an amazing way for me to reflect.  What you call forth is a creative act. Enact your ritual. Light a candle, bring your sacred objects around, and sit with questions for your vision.  Remember that intuition guides us forth, so try and not let the rational mind take control over things needing to look a certain way. Set an intention by asking yourself questions or writing in your journal. Light a candle, bring your sacred objects around, and sit with these questions:


  • What am I calling forth into being?
  • What whispers to you? What screams at you?
  • What has taken the back seat and needs to come forth?
  • Where do you want to see yourself in summer’s fire?

When we put something out into the world through imagery, we are invoking or casting what we know to be true already. Call forth parts of yourself that need deeper attention or meditation. There is no timeframe for a vision board. Trust in the process to unfold as it will, and know that any doubts or hangups connect to the deeper conversation. The vision board is your mirror to look at yourself and honor that reflection that shows itself no matter how way it looks.

Before you begin, become clear in what you want. You can do this alone or in your circles, addressing major themes in your local community or dreaming into being what you want for the world. The possibilities are endless, and you hold authorship over this vision.

Through my experience of vision boards and collage, I have found that simplicity brings less separation from your vision. If you are able to concentrate on a few specific visions or intentions you have in mind, build and nourish them. One can find themselves overwhelmed in their own power, so recognize the power of discernment when selecting and exploring what your truly seeding into being.


The following are suggestions on materials:

  • Card stock (thicker the better)
  • Magazines, old greeting cards
  • Old calendars (lunar phase calendars, WeMoons are my favorite to choose from)
  • Scissors
  • Gluesticks
  • Roller (if you would like to smooth the images over)

Exercises with Vision Board

After the craft ritual, I invite you into a deeper conversation. Take a moment and bear witness to your vision. In your journal or on a piece of paper. Offer yourself this prompt:

I am the one who…..

Keep with this prompt writing line after line until you feel complete. You will have begun a conversation with that vision and now begin to articulate it. How does it feel to claim this as something you truly are and not just becoming? This entry can turn into a poem, be the ignition for a deeper visioning or dream work, again the door is open for interpretation.

This is a practical and powerful way that explores the realm of the imagination through images. When you get closer to what you want, yet to still can’t quite find the ground, a vision board is the perfect platform to express yourself without restraint. Be wild. Reach for the stars. Call forth your inner muse and your guides to support your vision. BeSOUL your beating heart, and your grander vision.

Tara Burke

Tara is in deep relationship with the art of storytelling. She looks to the those in the shadows as on the frontier, not the fringes. Tara is looking forward towards her time at The House of Twigs to romance the witches muse and the dance of duality between one's existence betwixt and between.