I’ll Tell My Own Story – Thank You Ver...

I’ll Tell My Own Story – Thank You Very Much

Once upon a dark and misty morning, I woke up with a jolt to the harsh sound of someone else whispering the words of my sacred story. The voice was no ordinary whisper, this was the sound of my sovereignty slipping away in the early hours before the sun peeked above the horizon. In my sweet slumber, someone else had begun to tell my tale.

At first the words sounded familiar, almost like my own, but they were limited and censored by social expectations, niceness, and conformity.  The words slowly began to squeeze my voice right out of me.

With a pounding heart, I prepared myself for a battle. This battle with the oppressive whispers would certainly leave me battered and bruised, but I knew it would be a fight worth winning.

That misty morning was the first time I heard the whispers.  Since then I have learned that if I sleep too soundly,
or if I rest my head for too long, the whispers seep in and take
over the story that was never theirs to tell.

This is my life and I will tell my own story. No one else knows how this epic will end, except for me and the spirits that guide my every step.

I will be vulnerable and honest in my retelling of the tale, but I will not indulge you in the juiciest bits unless you swear yourself to the cyclic nature of Lilith, Hecate, Persephone and Kali. These are the archetypes that are guiding me down the path to my own darkness; my truth.

I turn to this dark path in my dreams to recharge my human mind for waking life. But I can’t stay in this blissful dreamland for too long, or I will again wake to the sound of others whispering my tale.

When the whispers of the nay-sayers and the non-believers start to creep in, I prepare the spell that will cast them out. This is my story and I’ll tell it myself. If you aren’t here to support me in the construction of this grand masterpiece, then GET the FUCK OUT! You can’t sugar coat and water down this wild life.

If you aren’t standing in these mud-stained, worn in boots, then you don’t get a say in where this story goes.  With each stroke of the pen, or sway of my hips, I change the course of my own divine journey, and I will not let anyone redefine me without my consent.

I had to work like hell for this freedom. Brick by brick I built these walls so that I could write my words on them. I carried each stone from the quarry to my homestead, and that is where my new story began. When I stepped out of the world built for me by someone else’s concrete I learned that creating and maintaining my own fluid version of reality would be a challenge. But piece by piece I will build this story on my own.

This story has no room for those who sit in their own stagnant waste, for people who tell me how to live, or for those who lead and guide using fear and hate. I choose the characters in my tale carefully, because I know that they are the main ingredients in the grand spell that I will use to cast me into my own future.

In my memoir, there will be darkness smeared across every light-bathed stained glass window and my story will flow like a river through darkness and light. Deny me of this meandering path, and your character will certainly be banished from the book, just like they destroyed the old relics dedicated to dead gods.

I’ll tell my own story, thank you very much. It will require a witch’s vocabulary and an alchemist’s workshop to conjure up the magick that will come alive. The verbal expression of my transformation and rapid growth requires personal experience, and these cookie-cutter whispers on how to live just won’t cut it.

This is the tale of my existence, and no one can take my creative license away. So if you want to listen, please sit and stay awhile, but if you are here to oppress my story with your whispering words, then I say “Be gone!” because this isn’t your story to tell.

Lauren Roberts

Writer, Moon Witch, Carrier of Ancient Womb Wisdom -- Lauren is a Catalyst for Feminine Empowerment, and the Founder of Womb Tree Alchemy. She is an Intuitive Coach and Ritual Facilitator for Women seeking to cultivate a deep connection with their own personal magic through the Cycles of the Moon and the Divine Feminine.