Important Empowering Crystals For Witches : Who Ar...

Important Empowering Crystals For Witches : Who Are They?

I know what you are thinking. You mean what is your favorite crystal and it’s properties? No, I mean who is your favorite crystal? Just like old friends, not all crystals are created equal.

These crystals have properties, and personalities, and do things for us. They seem to ooze that purpose as well as their mineral function in the world. But, if you set up a row of crystals, even if they are all the same type, one will speak to you. Just one. Well, sometimes two if you listen hard. That’s the one is choosing to work with you. Sometimes this can be for a length of time or just a short stay and then they sort of ask to move on and help the next person.

I don’t actually believe that these crystals have people inside them, but as a sensitive, psychic witch, I feel their feels. I really sense the personality and vibration of each and I find it amusing that such little in-animate objects can have such a large impact. Some of my crystals gently mock and tease me, some of them are kinder and more patient with me. Some are downright intense, and don’t take any of my crap. We don’t always hang out, but when we do, I remember why we are friends in the first place.

Here is a list of my personal favorite crystals at the moment, because I am working with them. They are pushing me along my path in different but big ways.


keven craft rituals astrophyllite wizard stone the house of twigs

This is a wonderful new friend and discovery for me. I found it online and ordered it for my store, Keven Craft Rituals.  My partner never gets swayed by crystals, but the first wand we got in the mail, he claimed immediately. When the second piece, a  sphere arrived, I just couldn’t sell it. To come to think of it, my partner had told me I was a bit scary with it in my hand. I don’t think it’s because it is a solid 3″ crystal ball that could knock some unsuspecting thief out; but instead he swears I sprouted wings out of my back and resonated with even more energy than normal. For my interesting mix of Aries on a Pisces cusp, with a  Taurus rising, it was likely intimidating.

This one particular astrophyllite I resonated with, is calmer, sweeter, and energetically heavier than most. I lovingly refer to it as my wizard stone. Why? Because it opens all chakras, aligns you with your higher self, and looks like a badass sitting on my Witch desk.

Astrophyllite Properties: It enhances your ability to communicate with and interact with multi-dimensions and the past, present and future. It activates all chakras through the chakra column and brings light and energy in, to resonate at a higher frequency. It also helps one walk with and accept one’s shadow self, turns dark energies towards the light, and brings you into your full power. It can fight against electromagnetic fields and radiation.

Bloodstone Yoni Egg:

I have some nerve damage from an emergency D & C after I had baby Freya. I’ve been trying to heal this trauma and energetic block, but its’ been a slow sensitive process. Part of my issue is that I really believe I sort of died, briefly… After giving birth and almost bleeding out, a part of me sort of stayed on the other side. It’s been a positive thing from the metaphysical perspective, but there is a whirling vortex of energy down there that is tapped into something I’m not used to. It has allowed me, to not be the trauma and work on overcoming the trauma. It’s also given me a connection I can’t explain and a calmer, emotional fortitude.

This loving yoni egg has been kind, does it’s magic when I’m sleeping and has already improved my nerves and nether-bits, post delivery. It helps me have crazy astral travel dreams and its a fun way to experience a crystal.

keven craft rituals astrophyllite wizard stone the house of twigs

Bloodstone Properties: Bloodstone is great for those experiencing the path of a spiritual warrior, but with less of the lone wolf, aka a solo-practitioner loneliness. It is of course great for blood issues, fortifying the blood, helping balance female hormones and the physical / blood relationships of cellular regeneration.

Amazonite Stone Plugs:

I have a box of crystal and semi-precious stone plugs (earrings) and out of all of them the amazonite is my favorite. It has been for over 10 years. Its been so gentle and kind to me over the years.

Amazonite Properties: Amazonite helps one communicate with their higher truth and knowledge while setting energetic boundaries. These are both internal and external energetic boundaries. It helps remove fear and judgement and is very gentle and supportive of those coming from trauma. They say it is also excellent for cell regeneration from physical trauma, gout and arthritis. Also, brings balance to the thyroid and adrenals due to stress.

Selenite Wands: keven craft rituals astrophyllite wizard stone the house of twigs

We have selenite wands literally all over the store and our home. We use them as a crystal grid for the building, which is also super low maintenance and easy to shift and maintain energy in the space. I’d like to think that the comments we get about how amazing the energy in the store is is partially due to having this selenite grid up. We do the work, but having these here make it easier to do that work. I find this very important if you have any sacred or metaphysical space. Keeping your energetic boundaries and hold on your personal space.

If I loosely count, I believe we have about 15 permanently on the property. They sit in all corners, dead corners, healing spaces, and the entry to our store.I also use these on individuals when I am doing Reiki or other intuitive healing work,

Selenite Properties: These stones clear etheric blockages, and allows energy to flow free in the body, especially the higher chakras. It shuts down stagnation and propels energy forward, by not allowing one to stay in their ‘comfort’. It also clears or bridges blockages, directs high-frequency energy, and stimulates physical healing.


Pyrite Cubes:

Good old Fool’s Gold. Its one of my favorites. Its great for extra-sensitive people and helps you maintain your own energy and block out others. Empaths and sensitive children are often drawn to this stone because of this.

I have tons of it here because it is cheap, accessible, easy to carry around and people just love it. Kids love it too.

One important thing to not is it is iron based, meaning does not do great in the water, and works best while touching the skin.

A simple ritual is having a quick mantra to ground and release energy that isn’t yours. Allow being both in your body, grounded, and allowing all of your higher energies to still flow.

Pyrite Properties:  Pyrite helps one to integrate high-frequency energy into the energetic field and the physical body. It is a masculine stone of creativity and confidence and is a master over fear. It also balances healthy sexual expression and is great for abundance spells.


Blue Tiger’s Eye:

Despite how it seems, I am actually about 50/50 introvert and extrovert. I have a tough time teaching classes, especially if they are full and there are many eyes on me.

Every class I teach, my go-to has been having a small hawkeye, or blue tiger’s eye in my pocket.

This particular wand is interesting because it is almost 50/50 blue and gold, giving it both properties which means all chakras and lots of courage, balance, protection, movement, energy, balance and truth.

Blue Tiger’s Eye Properties: This stone decreases anxiety, lets one speak their truth with ease and balance and also opens the throat chakra. It stimulates the third eye but from a protective stance, so it isn’t overwhelming but calm and approachable third eye interactions.


Herkimer Diamond:

If you never have seen or used on of these they are one of the most amazing quartz crystals out there. Think of them as little energy boosters that can be combined with any crystal to make it feel and experience like a much larger crystal. This makes it not only an accommodating crystal for price point reasons, but also it enhances your entire collection.keven craft rituals astrophyllite wizard stone the house of twigs

One thing to remember is don’t walk around with a pouch full of crystals and non-nonchalantly throw a herkimer in. Wowza! These little stones pack such a big punch, it is suggested to only work with it and a single crystal at a time until you become more advanced in your crystal combinations.

Herkimer Diamond Properties: Herkimer’s heal the environment, bring clarity, and raise the vibration. They assist in dream work, astral travel, dimensional shifting, healing grids, healing rooms and vortex spaces. They increase the amount of light energy a body uses and enhance everything, including other stones.



Crystal reference properties are by personal experience and my all-time favorite crystal book The Book of Stones


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Head Mistress of THoT, and THoT: the School of Ritual, Owner of Keven Craft Rituals, witchshop with handmade skincare products, organic goods, tarot, metaphysical items, home & hearth decor, and local artisan goods in our brick and mortar location in Eugene, OR.