Preparing for a Summer of Shadows : Pluto’s ...

Preparing for a Summer of Shadows : Pluto’s Retrograde and Full Moon in Scorpio

Well it’s been heavy. Anyone who is saying otherwise is joking or in denial.

But I suppose I was a fool to expect anything else from a Scorpio Full moon in the middle of  Taurus Spring, during Pluto’s Retrograde.

In all matters practical and pragmatic, there has been an element of death and rebirth since just before the full moon . The intensity may very well be looming due to the Pluto retrograde that will continue through September. Double Scorpio trouble with this full moon, and it’s bringing out all the shadows.

For me, it has meant examining my financial well-being, living environment, personal health and self-worth. For a few moments there, I thought it was all falling apart, but now that the moon is waning I can see it all for what it was. RAPID TRANSFORMATION, RENEWAL and SELF-AWARENESS. This is personal alchemy at its core. 

That which does not serve, does not stay.
When my shadow shows itself I know I must face it. 

It is moments like these, that give us the greatest opportunity to collectively wash ourselves of the old and make room for the new that is coming our way, no matter how painful that process is to experience or witness.  In the brightness of the full face of the Moon, we are able to download the messages that have been hiding in the darkness.  

Now is the time to integrate and incorporate these new revelations into our lives and practices.

The Moon rules our emotions and this full moon seemed to bring about a heavy intensity. Scorpio is not afraid of the dark, rather it thrives in the shadows, so into the darkness we went with this last cycle, with or against our own will.

The question I keep asking myself is how do I begin to process this heavy phase of deep exploration and shedding? What can I do to integrate the powerful messages that presented themselves to me during the bright night?

Scorpio reminds me that I have the capacity to be an entirely new being in every moment. All of the transitions and transformations that are occurring, seem to come out of nowhere, but I have to trust the Death/Rebirth/Death cycle that Scorpio brings with it. 

As we move into a Gemini New Moon at the end of May, I would expect to feel the energy become more airy and light, but most signs are pointing to a continuation of the heavy emotional phase that has been hanging out since Pluto began retrograde in the end of April.

This period of Pluto’s retrograde will lace everything with a layer of self-awareness. This is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the shadows that we have, and often hide. Taking stock of what has been hidden in our closets, allows us to remove those bits of ourselves that no longer serve the person we are becoming.

I declare this my summer of shadows. I will dive into my own darkness. I will learn to navigate without a compass in the eternal night of my soul.

In order to keep my inner fire burning through these shadowy times, I will have to prepare. Just as one would stock pile wood for a long winter, I must cultivate the energy I need to do this deep work in the heat of the summer sun.

Practices to Prepare for a  Summer in the Shadows

Build a Nature Altar – Get out to your nearest nature park, or favorite hiking trail and find yourself a nice tree that is begging to have an altar built at its base. And then let your inspiration guide you. You can use pebbles or sticks or flowers. You can bring crystals from home or small sacred objects that you feel okay parting with. Once you have collected all of your altar components, you begin to build. Let your inner creatrix explore.

And then.. Without taking a picture for Instagram, or even spending too much time observing your finished work, walk away, knowing that you may never see that beautiful work again.

Clear your Physical Space Spring cleaning is vital this season. Clear out cobwebs  and unused clothing and items. Donate what you can and toss the rest! Honestly you will be glad you have room to explore all that the shadowy summer has to offer.

Set the intention to make room for all that you have been manifesting. Open up the space for the people and things that you have been waiting for.

Cleanse your body in Natural Waters Go to the beach, or the river, or the lake, and hop in. submerge yourself and allow the water to carry away unwanted energy and old habits. Allow yourself to be reborn in the waters with all the tools and energy you need to navigate your shadow self.

Reflect on Impermanence One of the most important lessons we have to learn from Pluto and this wild retrograde, is that nothing can stay the same. Everything is changing always, and the illusion of permanence is just that, an illusion.

So build sand castles close to the tide line. Draw a picture and leave it on a bench for a stranger. Write letters to loved ones who have passed. Give a couple bucks to someone less fortunate than yourself. Remember how things used to be and predict how things will change. Practice impermanence.

From now, through late September, Pluto will continue to bring up deep emotions, complex feelings and a renewed awareness of self. Summer is more commonly aligned with a more external energy force, but this cycle is different. I invite you to take this time to dip your toes into the shadows, this sort of personal alchemy can be hard work, but the reward is pure gold.

Lauren Roberts

Writer, Moon Witch, Carrier of Ancient Womb Wisdom -- Lauren is a Catalyst for Feminine Empowerment, and the Founder of Womb Tree Alchemy. She is an Intuitive Coach and Ritual Facilitator for Women seeking to cultivate a deep connection with their own personal magic through the Cycles of the Moon and the Divine Feminine.