Witches Be Like… Stepping out of the Broom C...

Witches Be Like… Stepping out of the Broom Closet and into the Witch

The ‘Year of the Witch’ is happening. We’ve seen tarot designs on the catwalk, everyone wants to be a witchy maker of oils and salves, and even music artist Lorde, has been written about being the celebrity avatar of pop culture’s witch obsession.

This is great.

It brings some things into the mainstream which were previously considered taboo. However, all those long-time practicing witches be like… OH, HELL NO. They have toiled and troubled over their cauldrons, while everyone else was out following the latest trend. They tiptoed out of the broom-closet in fear that their friends and family wouldn’t accept them. Rightfully so. Witches can be damn scary. They are scary because they are the living embodiment of feminine and masculine powers long forgotten. They are the reclamation of power that others have chosen to take. They used to be referred to as the ugly hag that lived at the end of the village. You only went there when you had someone to hex or a curse to remove. This power today is about bringing others into their power. Sadly, this also includes allowing others to be petty and ego-centric instead of including the OUT, has-been witches.

Witches are stealing ideas from each other, instead of embracing one-another as a sister or brother.

There is a long list of those that abide by their own rules. Unfortunately many of these people are still living in a fear based world, afraid to really step into their power. I won’t name them. It’s too easy. You know who you are.

Some of you are fake witches. You are fake because you have admitted it. You have left your Lululemon leggings crumpled on the floor and ‘Namaste’ has been replaced with ‘Goddess’ and ‘Wildwoman’.

Some of you make things for witches, but don’t actually practice. It’s a concept that is marketable and big business has started to crawl in and even claim this genre. It’s true, there is a market and it is on the up-swing. Just ask one of the many commercial monthly boxes that now also has a witchy-themed subscription box.

Some of you are witches who no longer have power.  Bitterness is a nasty bitch. Fear and bitterness will eat you from the inside like tiny microscopic worms, eating all of your power. Like the death and transformation that Hecate brings, the worms will consume you. They will eat you and they are your own doing. They are your fear. Your nastiness (and I don’t mean Nasty Women). I mean being nasty to women. Nasty because you are in awe of them. You want what they have, not understanding the role you play. It’s okay. Embrace it. It will soon be over and the decay will be gone and you will have the chance to rise up and be reborn, with a new perspective. You can reclaim your power like the rest of us.

With that in mind, let’s be patient of those that are new to the game. We all have to start somewhere and the path can be treacherous or kind. We all experience La petite mort, with the process of transformations. Be they the big ‘o’ or the re-birth of your newly born self.

In the meantime, take note of your power. Embrace the change witches. We are all coming for you, one way or another, Eventually, yourself will come for you as well.

Erika Fortner

Creator, Curator and Writer of THOT & Owner of Keven Craft Rituals, galley and boutique of handmade skincare products & metaphysical boutique in Eugene, OR. Erika is a fine artist, mother, lover of beer and a former roller derby player.