Life in Ritual – Deep Connection for the Urb...

Life in Ritual – Deep Connection for the Urban Moon Howlers

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Witches and their rituals have long been associated with nature, wild animals and solitude. These elements are portrayed in fairy tales and legends as integral tools to the Witch’s magick. There is no doubt that the value of the natural world is immeasurable, but today it is necessary to talk about maintaining a life full of magick and ceremony, even in a modern, urban environment.

The magickal tools of witches passed have not been forgotten, or become obsolete, but rather their relation to to the craft is evolving. In cities and urban areas, people are waking up to the magick laced throughout their lives, and they are feeling the call back to nature.  This shift is bringing the awareness of The Witch into the mainstream.  Today, people are are rediscovering the inner power that comes with participating in ritual and are redeveloping their connection to the great rhythm.

As the global community of magickal practitioners evolves, so too must our connection with the magickal realms. The question becomes : What does it take to remain connected in a fast-paced, urban environment?

I spoke with a dear friend Kate to discuss how she manages to incorporate magick and ritual into her everyday life. 

 Kate is a Doula, Moon Lover, Reiki Practitioner and Ritual Facilitator for Women’s Circles in San Francisco. Her dedication to developing strong community and her connection to the great rhythm, provide the necessary components for a life steeped in sacred ritual and social activism.

Multiple times a month, Kate provides a space for men and women to connect to their truths and explore the inner world that is so often oppressed in our patriarchal society. Her circles give urban people the chance to connect to nature in ways that are often taken for granted in a modern world. 

“We don’t always have a tree to go out and hug, or grass to put our bare feet on, only little patches that dogs pee on, that’s it.. But we have the stillness from within, we have our heartbeat, we have our breath, we have the ability to close our eyes at a bus stop..”

I asked Kate for an example of how she incorporates ritual and magick into her personal daily life living in San Francisco and it was clear that her commute on public transportation has become an integral part of her morning ritual.

“Lately one of my micro-rituals has become writing every single time I am on public transportation.. Bringing a little notebook and writing down my intentions for the day. Whatever my first commute is, is my most valued time to really call in what I need for the day, and check in with myself about how I am really feeling. And that is something I can do amongst other people, I can take a moment of solitude even on a busy morning commute.”

While living in the Bay Area, I used BART as my main transportation.  I understand there is an art to remaining in a meditative state when you are riding those trains. But finding your own moments of peace, even in hectic moments on a commute train, is key to remaining connected to you inner path while living an urban life.

But how do we stay focused on this deeper path when our environment is so hectic and chaotic?

Kate maintains that “the moon is there for the urban girl” just like it has been there for every woman. And her message resonates in the womb’s of those of us who live in modern communities, but crave that deeper connection to the wild cycle.

On a more communal  level, Kate’s rituals are focused on improving the well-being of her community and the earth as a whole. Her dedication to honoring the feminine through community activism and monthly ritual is making waves in the San Francisco community.

It is in her New Moon women’s circles where Kate is most able to tap into her strengths as a ritual facilitator, and provide a safe container for a community to blossom through authentic exploration of the self.

“It’s a two to three hour ritual. We set the space, declare it sacred, call in the directions, call in the spirits and just dive in. The intensity is visible. . . It’s this next level realness that only a women to women space can bring about. I don’t know if it’s just vulnerability, or this openhearted empathetic space that women produce when they are with other women. With a women’s circle I would openly speak about offering my blood to the earth, about things with my partner and birth control, sexual trauma that I’m holding on to, or traumatic experiences that I’ve had living in this urban environment.  This is my place to be supported.”

Her New Moon circles provide an opportunity for all female-identifying persons to come together, in an intimate group, to honor the magick of the feminine cycle and the power of the womb and our menstrual blood. It has been such a pleasure to observe Kate and participate in her circles, she is changing the paradigm around what it means for a woman to bleed. 

“Rituals around my monthly blood for the past few years have included offerings to the earth in deep commitment and promise to be in her defense. To stand up for her, and to work continuously in my connection with her, and to encourage and invite other women to find a deep connection with her, through their blood.”

Kate’s deep connection to her own personal cycles inspired my own exploration of the great rhythms that affect my life and the world around me. And within my work, I have found my calling to women’s mysteries, the rituals associated with menstruation, and awakening the wild feminine.

I asked Kate what initially drew her to this style of ritual and how she found herself hosting women’s circles dedicated to the moon in a bustling urban environment?

“This all started a few years ago when I started exploring the depth of women’s circles, and the feeling that came over me when I was in women only space.”

“I’ve sort of always known that my role is to connect people to other people and to ideas. I’m not necessarily this performative star, in these circles, I’m another person. That I am the vessel that the earth and moon has offered to gather these women together, is such a blessing and that’s really my strength.”

“The ritual for me begins in the summon; the call for these women, the call for this ritual, the call for this community, to practice outside of just me in front of my altar, outside of my own beliefs, in reflection of other women.

And Kate truly embodies this vessel, a safe container for people to explore themselves through ritual and connection.

“No matter what the circle is, no matter who shows up or what activities we do, whatever we talk about, the ritual and the connection to the moon and to the earth will always start from within. It should start with this inner practice. And me, as a facilitator, or a teacher, or a student, I can’t bring this practice about in anyone, they have to want if for themselves.”

So what do these personal rituals look like? What are some of the basic steps a person can take to connect to the greater rhythms? How can one create ritual revolving around connection to the natural world when they are surrounded by concrete and wifi?

“We’re developing an intention setting paradigm, using the new moon to plant your seeds, and using the full moon to watch them to come into fruition. Using the moon as a marker to meditate and to check in, and to go outside in this city living situation and walk out and see the moon and acknowledge her phase every single day.”

“We’re talking about inviting these moments of stillness and awareness into that day, and I think that is just a simple level in which you can incorporate ritual into your routine.”

Whether she is in circle, on the train, or sitting in front of her own altar, Kate knows that she has a deep connection to the earth, and her gift has become sharing this connection with the people in her community, even in the heart of a bustling city. 

Connect with Kate through her women’s Facebook group Golden Sisters Moon Connection

You can also meet Kate by connecting to the Non Profit she works with Holistic Underground

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Writer, Moon Witch, Carrier of Ancient Womb Wisdom — Lauren is a Catalyst for Feminine Empowerment, and the Founder of Womb Tree Alchemy. She is an Intuitive Coach and Ritual Facilitator for Women seeking to cultivate a deep connection with their own personal magic through the Cycles of the Moon and the Divine Feminine.


Writer, Moon Witch, Carrier of Ancient Womb Wisdom — Lauren is a Catalyst for Feminine Empowerment, and the Founder of Womb Tree Alchemy. She is an Intuitive Coach and Ritual Facilitator for Women seeking to cultivate a deep connection with their own personal magic through the Cycles of the Moon and the Divine Feminine.


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