Ethics of a Powerful Witch: Our Intentions For the...

Ethics of a Powerful Witch: Our Intentions For the Solar Eclipse

We intend. We create. We manifest.

This is the ethos of power when its broken down into what modern magick is about. When we sit in our fear and our shame we manifest that into reality, which in turn removes parts of our personal power. Its not to say those things happen right away, but even quantum physics points towards this being an important new discovery about energy following energy. We are energy. Like a battery we sometimes need to reassess the positive and negative ends or maybe our battery has split at the seams and is leaking toxic junk everywhere.

Think of magick like a work of art. The beauty is both in the creation process and the end result. The small details do matter and they are the sum of the final work of art.

This is where your personal view of ethics comes in. It’s yours, sometimes chaotic, but take pride in your choices to practice what ignites your spirit as well as your life.

Approach anything magickal without the right intent and it feels wrong. It feels haphazard and reactive. Instead, try lying in wait, really observing your place in things. Choose to interact with others with respect and follow your practice with respect for yourself. Appreciate differences and perspectives. Be as patient with yourself as you try to be with others.

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Why does it matter?

It is the relationship you have set with yourself. These ethics are important to magick because you are manifesting. Manifestation is all about creating what you want, and not what you don’t want.

*For all you new witchlings out there, feel everything out. Make those baby steps with your full-realized self (or where that self is today). Dip your toes in and feel each intent to its full extent. Practice magick with your personal compass and not what someone else told you. Make your own rules you have set-up for yourself so you can break them. Let them crack into pieces revealing your shadow self. Re-embrace the part of yourself you have forgotten.

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With the upcoming solar eclipse you have the chance to really resonate with these aspects of yourself. You also have the unfortunate, yet fortunate aspect of Mercury in Retrograde. It is the perfect time to re-asses and do some personal inventory.

Solar Eclipse under Mercury Retrograde Ritual ideas:

  • Make a tarot spread about your shadow-self and your solar self. Honor both of these sides of yourself for the eclipse and check in with what you intend to manifest.
  • Light a candle and jump into a natural body of water. Feel them both cleanse away the old and realize that which you have already created. Embrace the light and the dark of this moment.
  • Cleanse and ignite that passion for your life, intent, and magick you make. Renew the romance of the moon and the sun by realizing your full-self during the Solar Eclipse.


Erika Fortner

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