Lean Into Ritual: Dark Moon Walks

Lean Into Ritual: Dark Moon Walks

I don’t need to see you to feel you.

The inner knowing and stillness of the watchful observer. Watching with piercing eyes of the  night watch Witch. Heeding the call, answering through imagery from the terrain of soul.

I am stalking myself, as huntresses, to the wounded parts of myself left exposed to beast. I both predator and prey, realize how this cycle of life brings forth regeneration.

When It comes to the deep sense of stillness, I reclaim the parts of myself I have casted aside as too much. too loud. too proud. too messy. When I shed the skin of the serpent, I leave on the floor the layers upon layers of stories that no longer serve.

What lies within during the darkness of the new moons soft glow?

During this time, the new moon provides conversation with the dark and the deep feminine.

Courting this emotion, moving slowly yet swiftly. Showing up without shouting out. This time of inner reflection leaves us with momentum inwardly, which still provides progress and expansion. Let the new moon be a point of reference to our conversations with parts of ourselves that whisper to us in mystery.  instead of trying to defend us with our ego. Conversations that are part of our soul’s wisdoms of letting our unique gifts come forward through the fog. A way to invoke this conversation is through the ritual act of the Night Walk, or Dark Moon Walk.


New Moon Ritual: Dark Moon Walks

The new moon allows the darkness to be embraced. It is a time of shadow play, the dance of the feminine that craves deeper processing and getting close to uncomfortable spaces. Dark Moon Walks can be a time where we enact to the animal instinct, our innate ability to befriend the dark, or at least begin to nuzzle it closer to our subconscious.

Night Walks can take place anywhere close to your home, your favorite park, or deep in the woods. It allows you an opportunity to walk in the dark, and see what shows itself through your other senses.

Are you afraid of the dark? Does the feeling that comes over you that seems overbearing and uncontrollably, untamable, as it grins it teeth and snarls?

Step into this fear with open arms. As you walk, tune into the sensory sounds that come over you, what shows up? Who shows up? Allow yourself to be immersed in everything that is unseen. Take a moment, when you have completed your walk to breathe into your feet. Ground yourself in knowing you have walked within this path of darkness before, and by walking through it and within in it, you have grown.

You can always light a candle on your night walk, or have one source of light to carry as your beacon. Do not be afraid to explore turning the light on and off to adjust to the dark, and then give yourself permission to enter completely.

Once this walk feels complete, take a moment to journal or draw what you have experienced. You can write as the watchful observer in third person, or simply write as you experienced it, live and embodied. Remember within your ritual, there is no wrong way. Nothing has to look or feel a certain way to be right or witchy, as long as you have intention and the willingness to invoke that what cannot be seen.

Tara Burke

Tara is in deep relationship with the art of storytelling. She looks to the those in the shadows as on the frontier, not the fringes. Tara is looking forward towards her time at The House of Twigs to romance the witches muse and the dance of duality between one's existence betwixt and between.