A Forest Dance with the Harvest Moon – Notes...

A Forest Dance with the Harvest Moon – Notes to My Sky Sister

Wild Sky Sister,

You are so full of life and creative fire that I can feel the heat emanating from your sweet face, even on this cool October night.

I’ve been waiting for this very night for months.

You have been a wild ride all summer, and I assure you we are all grateful that you have come with a fire that isn’t destructive, but rather creative, inspiring, and even nurturing. And tonight we celebrate that fire.

Your wild dance is inspiring me to move, its inspired me to take the leap into the unknown just as you do each cycle. The unknown is full of darkness, but I know that I always have you sister, as my guiding light, even when I can’t see your face.

This cycle I am trusting that your fire won’t burn me, and in trusting you, I am learning to trust myself again. Tonight we will make wild, creative magic.  We will shine our light upon all that we forge together on this bright night.

The autumn leaves are ready to welcome us for our ritual. They told me in the darkness of the last New Moon, that they are waiting for our fire. They desire to witness our magic as we come into our fullness, brightest form. This wild creative light is blinding to many, but the autumn leaves are no stranger to brilliant transformation. They will honor us as we shine our brightest, and then they too will shift and change, inspired by our transfiguration.

I will say before I go, Do not fear being too much, or too bold. Your lover, the Sun, is holding a sweet and balanced container for us here in Libra.  We are safe to explore, and the balancing energy will keep us from straying too far.

Tonight we will reclaim our right to be wild, transformative beings, in the light of our fullness.

A Moon Witch