Manifestation Rules : Honoring the Cycle of the Cr...

Manifestation Rules : Honoring the Cycle of the Creatrix

Call me Witch. Call me Magic Maker. Call me your Fairy God Mother for all I care.

But remember this, sweet child of the Earth, to earn my magic, I live in alignment with the Moon Mother, and it is SHE who nurtures my creative spirit.  There are rules to this game of manifestation, and there is no cheating or skipping steps allowed.

Manifestation is a sacred tool used by the Magicians, Alchemists and Witches to bring their deepest desires and goals to fruition. The creative process isn’t for the faint of heart, this work will take you to the edge and cast you over the side, before reeling you back up for round two.

If you fear being stretched beyond your current comfort, if you despise offering your blood, sweat and tears in the name of your goals, I say turn back now, for this is not your path.

If you are ready to be shattered over and over again by your own dreams, just to find that you will be broken down one more time before the magic takes place, then step forward. Your manifestation journey begins here.

Come Dear One,

Sit with me and I will tell you a story about the magical makings of this world.

Before the Earth and the Moon danced around the Sun, there was the Creatrix.

She is the Mother of everything we know. She created the soil that we walk upon and the words that we speak. Even the deep feelings of love, anger, and sadness were crafted by her sacred hands. It is through her that we connect with our own creative powers. It is through her that we discover that we too, are Divine.

As we step into her world of stardust and dreams, she whispers the rules.

She reminds us that our hope is not enough. She speaks of a four part wheel that turns, not by itself, but by the power of creators, making their magic. It’s hard work to turn that wheel, but if we are to see our dreams into this world, we must keep this wheel of creation turning.

This is the work of the Witches. This is our ancestral duty. We are the Makers of Magic in this world and we will continue to turn the wheel.

I ask you now, will you join us in this game of creation?

What does your Soul dream of when your body sleeps? When you work with your shadow, what does she tell you about your deepest desires? How do you see yourself in your future?

The answers to these questions will be the building blocks of your Manifestation.

This is where you start the process, and here are the rules.

Rule Number One

In the depths of your belly, an INTENTION is stirring. Allow it to bubble up and speak it aloud, on the night of the New Moon. Your Intention is the path you choose to walk toward, it’s the acceptance of a journey that will take you, like I promised, all the way to the edge. Once you have set your intention, the real work can begin.

Rule Number Two

As the Moon grows towards her fullness, so do you. The TRANSFORMATION began when you uttered the sacred words of your souls intention. You will have to grow into something entirely new, if that wheel of magic and creation is to keep turning. Fear not the changes that are coming, it will be uncomfortable for a time, but that is why they call them growing pains! Lean into the transformation, the new you is waiting to be unleashed.

Rule Number Three

Once you have worked and worked, and made sacrifices, and thought you were going to fail a hundred times, you will begin to see the bright light of FRUITION. Your hard work will pay off, even if it isn’t how you imagined. The specifics of the outcome are in the hands of the Creatrix, it is now your honor to celebrate what the two of you created together. There is no magic that you can’t make with the Moon Mother by your side. For a moment the Wheel pauses to rejoice in the new creation.

Rule Number Four

Now that you have made your contribution, it is time to REST. Let someone else turn the wheel, and lay your body down in the soft arms on the Earth.  Sleep in the darkness and let your body recharge, because when the Moon is New again, there will be yet another Intention waiting for you, and that creative wheel, will be yours to turn again. So savor the moments of quiet and stillness, for the time to play the manifestation game is coming again.

If you play by her simple rules, magic will happen. If you listen when she whispers to you on the night of the New Moon, and dedicate yourself to her shifting flow, you will never miss a chance to create your soul’s dreams again.

This is the path of the Witch presenting itself to you. Take a step or a leap, the Creatrix will catch and cradle you in her sacred web, and from there all the magic is up to you.

Lauren Roberts

Writer, Moon Witch, Carrier of Ancient Womb Wisdom -- Lauren is a Catalyst for Feminine Empowerment, and the Founder of Womb Tree Alchemy. She is an Intuitive Coach and Ritual Facilitator for Women seeking to cultivate a deep connection with their own personal magic through the Cycles of the Moon and the Divine Feminine.