Winter Witchery: The Season of Transformation

Winter Witchery: The Season of Transformation

The season of subtle power is upon us. Filled with potential, nature is slowly winding down and signaling for us to do the same. The trees put on a grand show of fiery colors before they take a rest and the birds are calling out to us as they head south for a warmer home. Some people choose to do the same by seeking the warmth and light in places far from home but there is magic in the stillness that gives us an opportunity to create our own warmth and growth.

The quiet darkness of winter holds limitless possibilities, ready to receive our intentions and release the things we no longer need to ready ourselves for a new year.

This time of year feels transformational and has a New Moon-like feel to it. When we work with the New Moon energy, we turn inward to reflect on what we’d like to bring into our lives. Experiencing the turning of the season from brightly colored leaves to the starkness of bark and snow has an effect on the psyche; we know that the year is coming to an end. We become thoughtful and begin to consider where our journey has taken us from the start of the year to where we are now.

Working with the New Moon idea of energetics; I like to carve out a day or even a weekend to harness the energy of the quiet and stillness of the season. There are many ways to work with the potential of winter but I’ve found the following to be effective in creating a sacred & fertile space:

Creating a cozy and inviting space if you’re feeling internal.

Think comfort cave: Big, juicy pillows. Knitted or fuzzy blankets, a cup of tea, sketchbooks or a journal and maybe a snack. Candles lend a warming touch and music playing softly in the background can get things flowing if you’re in the mood for sound. The idea is to fashion a space that is sacred and supportive with anything you might need to create and imagine future possibilities that you might like to bring into your reach. I like to surround myself with a tarot deck or two, a journal, a mug of chakra-blend herbal tea and colored pens to draw and write with. Occasionally I’ll play meditative music to provide an inspirational soundtrack while I think about the future and what I’m ready to leave behind in preparation for the upcoming year.

Connecting with nature to soothe outdoor cravings.

If the idea of being inside has me feeling restless then it’s outside we go! Take an intuition walk. Head to your favorite park and note the changes taking place in the surroundings. I have energetic relationships with certain trees around the city and out of town as well. Visiting these sacred places throughout the year during each season allows me to see how their habitat changes and the way the energy shifts for each one. I let my intuition guide my footsteps; the body following the heart and the eyes without thinking about it. The crisp air wakens my skin, my sight is brighter and my senses grow sharp. I often find treasures to bring home in the form of fallen pine branches with pine cones still attached, feathers from my bird friends who are still in town and occasionally a written message if there is a fresh snowfall. If I take something that is given as a gift on the ground, I leave a pinch of sacred tobacco or lavender to give thanks.

Both methods help you to reach an inner stillness where you can receive messages about your feelings, consider your journey over the year to the present moment or come to a decision on something you might have been struggling with. By learning how to appreciate the autumn and winter season, we can use the gifts they have to offer us for our own reflection and renewal to prepare us for our emergence into the new year.

Winter Clark

Winter was trained at an early age to work with energy on all levels; for healing the spirit through Source, manifesting dreams into reality, and consulting with Divine energy for guidance and assistance. Her work is shamanistic: divinely guided and uniquely attuned, she is focused on helping others building trust within..