Sacred Bathing: Alchemy in Action

As the year draws to a close, we’re busying ourselves with all of the things that holidays bring. It can be really easy to forget the importance of caring for ourselves while we’re meeting the demands of home, family and work.

I highly suggest taking an evening for yourself to unwind and recharge. Self care is not only nourishing, it fortifies us for all of the activities we do — day in and day out — so that we can continue to be the warrioress that we are. For extra potency and magick, try Sacred Bathing near or on the next new moon before you set your intentions; it’s a fantastic time to do the sacred bathing to reveal the power within you.

Sacred Bathing is an art, a ritual and a remembering wrapped into one act of self-care, self love and time set aside to truly embrace the present moment. When we perform Sacred Bathing, we combine all of the elements – water, fire, earth and air – to produce an alchemical act in which we become one with our essence and universal energy. We can effectively release, set intentions and emerge reborn all in one setting!

If you can, take a brisk walk in your favorite park before you begin so as to enjoy the steaming water of the bath all the more. As you walk, reflect on what you’ve achieved and what you’d like to release. When you get home, we’ll set the mood for our transformation by gathering a few items first. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the things! Let your intuition lead you, whatever you feel would make a good substitute is the way to go. Begin with putting on some of your favorite music that makes you feel good and then continue with the ingredients below.

Your ingredients:

Smudge (palo santo, sage, mugwort, rosemary, etc)
4 crystals (I use amethyst, quartz, rose quartz and selenite) but any crystals that you are drawn to will do.
Sea salt, himalayan salt, or epsom salt (about a cup)
Essential oils of lavender, bergamot, myrrh or jasmine. You can also use any oil blends that you’re currently magicking with
A candle
Almond oil or your favorite body oil (infused with your favorite herbs or unscented)

Begin to run the bath with warm water. As the tub fills, light the smudge and wave it around the bath tub & shower area. Place one crystal at each corner of the tub; we’re creating a grid of energy! Next, take a handful of the salt and sprinkle under the running water. Follow that with a dash of the essential oils or magickal oil blends into the water. Light the candles and turn off the lights. Set out the almond oil or body oil nearby.

Slowly step into the tub and sink into the water. Try to submerge as much of your body as you can and close your eyes. Imagine the water washing away the day and the week. Picture your beautiful, glowing chakras becoming clear again as the collected energy of others drains away into the water around you. When you are ready, open your eyes and stretch forward so that your face is over the water. Looking at your reflection in the water, thank it and tell it “I love you.” When you’re ready to leave the bath, state:

“May all that I release flow back to the earth, so that she can transmute it into universal energy.” Pull the drain up and state “So mote it be!” as the water flows away from you and back to the earth.

Now carefully step out of the tub and find the body oil. Carefully take some into your hands and work your way from top to bottom paying attention to your arms, chest, bottom, legs and feet. Thank each part of your body for being strong, healthy and beautiful! If you can, let yourself air dry but if housemates prohibit it, pat your body gently dry. Anoint yourself with a scent that you’re currently working with if you’re doing a spell or rub some rose oil over your lower belly, heart and throat. Gather your crystals and blow out the candle, you’ve finished!
Know that the elements have come together to support and celebrate you, carrying your intentions into the universe.

Winter Clark

Winter was trained at an early age to work with energy on all levels; for healing the spirit through Source, manifesting dreams into reality, and consulting with Divine energy for guidance and assistance. Her work is shamanistic: divinely guided and uniquely attuned, she is focused on helping others building trust within..