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Witches and Wine | Interview with Professor David Mason about Sanshin 산신 – Korean mountain spirits


I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS INTERVIEW! I spoke to Professor David Mason, the world’s pre-eminent scholar of Korean mountain spirits, called san shin 산신. Korea is 80% mountain, so you best believe that these san shin are some powerful elemental forces. Check out the time stamps below – David goes into everything from how North Korea uses mountain myths in their propaganda, and even goes into how to give ritual offerings to the san shin. Also…hello mountain food!

1:40 David’s lifelong love of mountains
4:08 Mountain spirituality in Korea
4:33 Korean Buddhism forced into the mountains
8:43 How all Korean religions worship in the mountains
9:19 Jiri Mountain and who worships there
9:42 The many different faces of Korea vs. spiritual side
11:04 Providing offerings to land spirits
11:59 San-shin 산신, the mountain spirits
12:25 The geography of Korea
14:00 The disconnect of modern Koreans to land spirits
15:12 San-shin and its unique role in Korean spirituality
16:27 How David saw a Buddhist monk interact with san-shin
18:00 Why Buddhist venerate san-shin
18:36 Different mountains having different san-shin
19:23 The ubiquity of mountains in Korea
19:50 The split of Paektu Mountain range by North and South
20:53 Trying to unify Korea by unifying mountains
21:22 North Korean worship of mountains
21:39 Mountains used as propaganda by North Korea
24:44 San shin as strict ecological guardian
25:23 San shin as tigers
27:03 Mountain hiking as a Korean national past time
28:16 Korean mountain food
30:43 Confucians using san-shin
32:24 San-shin as manifested symbol of relationship between people and the environment
33:44 – 39:40 How a modern witch can venerate san shin
39:38 Has David connected to san-shin
40:43 The accessibility of mountains in Seoul
41:25 King Mountain (near Seoul) and the underground shaman scene
42:27 Reason why Korean government wants shamanism on the down low
43:35 How Korean Christians may be opposed to promoting Korean shamanism
45:22 Korean mudang/manshin (shamans)
45:55 People becoming san-shin
47:13 Resurgence of witchcraft in modern Western society
48:45 Koreans are also getting more open to shamanism

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Chaweon Koo is a Korean-American currently living in Seoul, Korea. She is a witch, vlogger, and foodie.
Chaweon Koo is a Korean-American currently living in Seoul, Korea. She is a witch, vlogger, and foodie.
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