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Witches and Wine | Geomancy 101: Interview with Sam Block – Practical Applications Part 2 of 2

If you missed part 1 of this interview, click here: Geomancy 101: Interview with Sam Block – History and Theory Part 1 of 2

Holy shit, I think this is the first time I’ve put up two videos in a 24-hr span…but I’m super stoked to share this second part to my geomancy interview with Sam Block. And this video is a straight up 45-minute tutorial (complete with my, er, oddly corporate-powerpoint looking visual aids) on how to create your very own geomantic chart. Basically, I want all my friends to create a chart and tell me what the Witnesses and Judge says. Enjoy!

0:43 Getting the Four Mothers
1:22 How Chaweon generates the Four Mothers
3:20 The mathematical checks in geomancy
4:10 The most traditional way of generating the Mothers
5:14 Other tools to generate the Mothers
5:58 How Sam generates the Four Mothers
6:10 The importance of state of mind when doing divination
6:44 Modern technology Chaweon uses
7:12 How to get the First Daughter
7:49 Generating the Nieces
8:10 Generating the Court
8:33 The Shield Chart
8:57 The Judge as the answer
9:07 The Chart as a courtroom
9:27 Geomancy starting from the right
9:40 The Right Witness
9:51 The Left Witness
10:14 A Judge owning/no owning a chart
11:05 The House chart
11:40 How astrology is used in the chart
12:04 The house chart
13:13 Perfection
14:21 Analyzing Chaweon’s reading with Sam
15:12 All 12 astrological houses and how they are used in geomancy
18:50 How do you choose the right house?
19:16 How the houses in astrology and geomancy may be a bit different
20:46 How Sam started to analyze Chaweon’s charts
21:40 Explanation of the figure Carcer
22:09 Explanation of the figure Laetitia
24:01 The Right Witness as “me”
24:10 The Left Witness as “enemy”
25:19 Explanation of the figure Tristitia
26:20 The analyzation of Chaweon’s court
26:48 How the court sets up context of the geomancy reading
28:04 The distinction between First Mother and Right Witness
30:26 Sam’s policy of giving the cold, unvarnished truth
31:18 The 16 figures of geomancy and their elegance
31:45 Left Witness isn’t always antagonistic
32:46 How the Judge sometimes surprises you
33:37 Judge giving advice
34:01 The repetition (perfection) of geomantic figures
35:21 Did Chaweon’s chart perfect?
36:00 More discussion on how to choose the right house
36:50 More discussion on the importance of asking the right question
37:28 “Overcoming” a chart
38:00 Using magic to tweak the elements of a chart
39:00 The importance of taking agency of one’s future (despite the chart)
39:42 “Fucking up” a great chart
40:06 Flexible/inflexible Judges
40:35 Explanation of the figure Populus
44:00 When house chart and Judge seem to contradict each other
45:45 The importance of analysis and intuition in reading charts
46:16 Why it’s important for diviners to be able to create coherent stories

Sam Block’s blog
Get a geomancy reading from Sam
Facebook Geomantic Study_Group
Sam’s Rune Soup Interview

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Chaweon Koo is a Korean-American currently living in Seoul, Korea. She is a witch, vlogger, and foodie.


Chaweon Koo is a Korean-American currently living in Seoul, Korea. She is a witch, vlogger, and foodie.
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