This community is built by a collective of artisans. Each of these members have greatly contributed to this community by adding the twigs to build our house. 

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Erika Fortner

Creator, Curator and Writer of THOT & Owner of Keven Craft Rituals, galley and boutique of handmade skincare products & metaphysical boutique in Eugene, OR. Erika is a fine artist, mother, lover of beer and a former roller derby player.

Danielle Dulsky

Danielle Dulsky is a long-time activist for wild woman spirituality and the divine feminine’s return. She is the author of Woman Most Wild (coming May 2017 from New World Library). A multi-media artist, yoga teacher and teacher trainer, and energy worker, Danielle is on a mission to inspire women to be fearless...

Tara Burke

Tara is in deep relationship with the art of storytelling. She looks to the those in the shadows as on the frontier, not the fringes. Tara is looking forward towards her time at The House of Twigs to romance the witches muse and the dance of duality between one's existence betwixt and between.


Lauren Roberts

Nutritionist, coach, and writer. Owner of Womb Tree Wellness with a mission to help women reconnect to their natural feminine cycles, live authentically and stand in their power. Celebrate womb and transform your life through an ever deepening connection to your feminine cycle.


Rev. Christy Patton

Rev. Christy Patton is the Founder | CEO of New Orleans School for Esoteric arts and owner of the lifestyle brand Nola Esoteric. She's a professional Astrologer + Tarot Reader, Herbalist, Fine Artist, Holistic Healer, Writer, Mentor, and Mama wolf.