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ISO New Contributors

THoT is once again looking for new core writers for our online publication. We offer marketing, a simple visually appealing site with real content by real practitioners, and an online community where we can help get people to your work.

Articles are written by you and unpaid, but with all of our writers we allow then to apply to be an instructor which is paid (and directly related to the content and frequency of your writing)! We do this in exchange for all the hard work we do, and only take 30% of course sales to help upkeep the site.

**We very rarely take one time-contributions and make you an official writer with access to write as little or much as you like as long as the conent is relavent.

Some writers we are looking for:
Sextrology – Astrologer specializing in relationships
Appalachian Magic
Brujx Practitioners
Eclectic Practitioners
Occult/Magickal Book Reviewers
Trans and Non-Binary Practioners
Strageria Practitioners
Podcasts and Vloggers
(Also open to other ideas)

Who you are:
A magickal practitoner! You should have been practicing for more than 3 years and NO LIFE COACHES. We are not interested in regurgitated information.

Soemone who has their own writing voice and wants to participate in a beneficially mutual relationship.

Someone excited to be a part of the community and contributes their unique voice.

You have something to say and want to get your writing out internationally. You can contribute from any country and we wlecome a diverse wrting team.

Do not apply if:
You are a baby witch, or if this is a trend for you.

You use someone elses content for your own gain.

To Apply, send links and information through the following contact form.

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