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Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been told that despite my melanated skin, curly hair and thick lips, I wasn’t allowed to claim my blackness as a biracial person. I “spoke too white” they’d say. My taste in music consisted of: trip hop, Sneaker Pimps, Punk rock, Rancid, Ska/punk fusion, No Doubt, and Sublime. It was not in alignment with black culture to identify to this music. These “ways of life” were not certifiably approved by the gatekeepers that apparently provided access to my own identity. Despite facing the same discriminations as others with equally dark skin, I was not allowed to accept myself in that capacity, simply because no one else did either. I have always said that society choses who you are as a biracial person, as I was either too black for the white kids or too white for the black ones. I was involuntarily banished to this liminal space where I was only allowed to exist if I cosigned on to other’s versions of what I was. And after a few years of pure identity confusion, I decided to make my own fucking path because I aint the main character in anyone else’s story but my own.

Fast forward to 2019. Here I am, in another capacity of terminal duality. You either are or your not. Full stop. In every aspect of my life it seems no one is comfortable allowing me the right to exist in the in between. I can’t agree with certain political movements or agendas without being labeled either a conservative or a liberal. I can’t uplift women in their power without it being assumed that I simultaneous shit on men. And now I apparently can’t be a witch if I don’t adhere to certain guidelines set forth by prominent figures in the magickal community.

**Now of course comparing racial identity to practicing craft are vastly differing topics, and I understand one is chosen and another imbedded in DNA, but I use these issues here today because I can relate to the sense of judgment doled out by members of both communities equally in different capacities.**

A dear friend of mine came to me the other day, emotionally shattered about various things. And most importantly, defeated. Why? Because some prominent people she admired, people she considered elders in craft and sources of education and clarity gave her nothing but darkness. They spoke brazenly and unapologetically about how only certain people can claim the title “Witch” (like it is some badge to be won) as long as they adhere to specific standards of practice. “You must light a candle on this day..”, “You have to use x,y,z to get said result, otherwise your work is shit..” Basically, the mood of the conversation was “Here are guidelines to being a witch. If you stray, you must abandon your title and call yourself something else. But witch, bitch you aint it!”

Despite all her success, despite the books that bear her name, the shop that is her blood sweat and tears; It is not enough. She must give even more of herself, as a literal sacrificial lamb to be given the title. She isn’t a witch because she ain’t got a damn green candle on a Thursday lit at three P.M.

Are you fucking kidding me? *SIDE EYE FOR DAYS*

Listen, I can handle people telling me my best ain’t meeting some imaginary standard. It hurts, and inside I’m seething, but you won’t ever see me shaken. But to see my best friend, reduced to ashes because some gatekeeper of the worst kind made decisions on her identity and tried to tell her who she was made me fucking angry. I don’t know if you can her me all the way up there on your pedestal, but let me shout up some facts to help you understand the magnitude of your dismissal of all that is below you…

Not everyone has the money to buy supplies. Some people live paycheck to paycheck, barely making enough to put food on the table let alone buy candles, essential oils and incense. They are still witches. Not everyone has the time to conduct ritual every single day (See my previous blog on MOMcraft) due to the multiple roles they must play throughout the day. We are still witches. And some people literally do not have use of their limbs, extremities and even their own mind! But here some of you are, in your glasshouses, able minds and bodies, and even higher horses telling others how to be what they already are. That is the most elitist, egomaniacal ablest, prejudice bullshit I have ever seen in my life. And it really needs to stop if we really want to keep being an all inclusive community.

I don’t care if you have practiced for forty years and memorized every crystal, tarot card and herbal component. I don’t care that you have astrology, palmistry, all forms of divination under your belt and know how to work with the dead to a T.


I’ll provide you with another perspective: My daughter is 3. She casts toddler spells and makes baby potions. She was born into this just as I was. Is she not a witch because her quarters aren’t called and she has no idea how to shield? Am I less than a Witch because I am not initiated into any tradition yet you have five under your belt? Or better yet, if I am in the broom closet and CAN’T practice, does that mean I must abandon my identity? Is this the exact same people telling the LGBTQ+ community that they are safe, whole, protected and supported as is? Funny how that works..

Does that mean that my fire and soul do not dictate what I manifest? Like a “real” witch? Are my results (like winning an impossible court case, banishing a stalker and bringing justice to others) less tangible because I didn’t follow your rules of A+B=C? If your answer is “Yes” I will ask you, if I am enrolling into one class for community college, am I any less a student than a fully booked Harvard bound individual? No. We are both students. Maybe one is further down the road, maybe one has more access to resources to assist them as they forge ahead, but they are both still students. It honestly sounds ridiculous placed in another context. Is a woman not allowed to be mother and wife simultaneously? Is a man not a father, son or friend all at the same time? It’s not our fault we know how to walk and chew gum. We can and continuously DO both and will continue to claim all the titles of the paths we walk. I ask all of you who are in positions of power in this community to challenge yourself. Realize when you engage in elitist language that prevents connection in this capacity, you are limiting the work of others.

When you tell the disabled male witch he has to perform active ritual every Wednesday despite being unable to walk or stand, be in a coven despite living in rural Kentucky, and do all this openly in front of his parents (I mean how else can you hide sigils drawn on your wall?) you are blocking his power. When you tell the mother of four, riddled with depression and anxiety that she must wait for her mental health to improve to work magick despite her being able to thrive on that very same lower level energy, you are blocking her power. When you tell others that your practice is the ONLY way to practice, you are creating limitations similar to the church that shunned us long ago for our approach to free will.

Witchcraft and its purpose can be subjective. Some see it solely as a practice. Others see it as a mentality and way of life. My view is a fusion of both as necessary and can manifest in a myriad of ways. Setting my intentions in the shower, shielding when someone is draining me, standing up for the oppressed in any capacity; all activate my inner and outer witch. It is who I am and who I always will be. It cannot be removed or shaken due to lost time. It cannot be taken by another. And my inability to practice consistently due to my mundane life does not remove my stake in that identity. These limiting views are so damaging, and under the guise of discipline, we are actively dismantling our community one rejected witch heart at a time.

I will make note of the fact that of course there are traditions where rules are to be followed, strict standards are expected and by no means should those be disrespected or downplayed. That is not what any of this article is about, so please don’t confuse my comparison of free will and practice to structured traditions. I encourage anyone who wishes to adhere to any sacred tradition/religion or practice to educate yourself before you begin. Respect is paramount when learning about new things, and I find it dangerous above all else to jump head first into the unknown, considering what some of us are capable of.

In life, there will always be people comparing your soul to theirs. They will expect your reality to mirror theirs, and won’t understand how you continue to stand in your power, day by day, making the same waves they do with a different ship. There will be moments where you will stand questioning your worth and your identity, because the boxes others have put you in will be too small, too big, or not the proper color, shape or size. I challenge you now, in your power exactly as you are today to own who the hell you are. However you express yourself and identify, that’s all you baby! Claim all parts of yourself. The ugly, the down trodden, the weak, in addition to the vocal, empowered and outspoken.

Own it all.

For only then can you tell those who make you small, make you feel like you are never “enough” that you have already made an agreement with the universe and yourself. That today, you decided that you are in control of who you are and that no matter how many projective judgements are cast your way, you are exactly who the fuck you say you are. Whether it be with any ideology, mindset, faith, or embracing certain aspects of yourself that already exist.

Paving your own way, TO ME PERSONALLY, is the most powerful thing a “REAL” witch can do.

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A Mother, Wife and Witch who walks in between many areas of life. The in between is where I thrive and my desire to seek, transform and regenerate through adversity is my Scorpion life blood. I am not above learning new things and humbly admit I am a lifelong student of the craft. I am not initiated into any formal traditions so my craft is a representation of my life experiences. Complex, vast, and ever changing.
A Mother, Wife and Witch who walks in between many areas of life. The in between is where I thrive and my desire to seek, transform and regenerate through adversity is my Scorpion life blood. I am not above learning new things and humbly admit I am a lifelong student of the craft. I am not initiated into any formal traditions so my craft is a representation of my life experiences. Complex, vast, and ever changing.
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