New Moon in Virgo: Integration of Shadow for Purif...

New Moon in Virgo: Integration of Shadow for Purification of Purpose

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In September, our perception begins to change. No longer taken with the verdant greens of summertime, we find ways to shift our focus as the plants and animals do the same. In concert with the changing light, our bodies prepare for what we know lies ahead—the darkness of winter. The summer Sun still shining behind our shoulders, we know that we will soon face down the familiar bite of winter cold. 

But not so fast. The equinox comes to us on September 22nd, signaling a shift into the bliss of autumn. Virgo is the last zodiac sign of the summer, and in this way she is a mutable sign. Mutability is about compromise, balance, understanding, empathy. Virgo makes the choice that is correct for the common good, humanitarian sign that she is, and being ruled by Mercury, she is fully flexible in her approach to reality. 

September 9th brings us a New Moon in the sign Virgo. Sun and Moon will hover conjunct at 17 degrees in the sign, a critical degree for Virgo, signaling that this is a New Moon that brings us the power to transform. 

All summer I wrote about the tumultuous astrology we were dealing with, from eclipse season to several planets moving in an out of retrograde. We were forced to come to terms with many truths, on both a personal and universal level, about what no longer works. This week we saw Saturn, the planet of structure, foundations, control, and time, move direct after being retrograde since April of this year. We can begin to expect some growth, and some forward motion. 

Sometimes, circumstances fall apart to such a degree that we are stopped in our tracks, with no choice but to look around and figure out how to put the pieces back together. But what we build from the wreckage is never the same as the original instrument. Our efforts to rebuild are rooted in the present, not the past, and so perhaps boundaries are adjusted, strings tuned to a different key, or we hold circumstances a different way in our hands, so as to make better use of them.

Saturn retrograde encouraged, and in some cases forced, us to end a lot of cycles of power that were abusive, unhealthy, ill-suited to our soul’s purposes. Saturn retrograde in Capricorn plus Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio shook us down on the level of both the foundations of our lives, as well as brought some truths to the surface we have long avoided. Truths about ourselves, our families, our lovers, our goals, our societies. It has been a time of reconsideration, and painful acknowledgement of what truly lies behind the words we say to one another, what motivates our actions when we are impulsive or self-harming. 

Now that this is behind us, the air seems a little less heavy. Armed with a list of things we’ve learned this spring and summer, we move forward with this Virgo New Moon with the power to take what we have learned and put it into action. Apply the truths you’ve come to terms with in your life. It is not enough to just acknowledge them and let them sit in the back of your heart. Bring them out into the light, shake the dust off your lungs, open your solar plexus, and stride forward into the new. 

Without the pain of life’s darkest loss, we cannot understand the true beauty of light. Virgo, a sign of diligence, healing, service, a sign that knows that the body is where we begin and end each day, wants us to be shrouded in a cloud of truth, to honor and love ourselves. 

New Moon in Virgo, this time around, is really about finding ways to properly integrate your shadow and your light. This is the best way to find healing. There is no doubt in my mind that the past few months brought a lot of material up for you for review, whether or not it was a gentle realization or hit you like an anvil. Integrating these truths into your conscious state will bring you power, and allow you to make strides into the future as a more full and honest version of yourself. 

Archetypes of Virgo incorporate images of maidens picking flowers, herbalists healing the sick and wounded, ideas of purity, sparrows. Virgo rules House 6, the house of the body, of rituals of the body, of small creatures and service to our fellow humans. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo uses her mind, her logic, to empower her deeply compassionate heart. Marrying these aspects of our lives will bring us closer to our dreams, in this pre-autumnal month of September.

A shade of Virgo that is often forgotten is that her attention to detail, obsessive and concise, gives her an outsider energy, an eccentricity, that is sometimes hidden, but always a governing factor in terms of her tastes. Though she is a sign of purity and light, she is also acquainted with the occult and the strange. In Virgo season, we must emulate the starry virgin and embrace our light, our floral aspects, and endeavor for good health. We must also embrace our dark, our strange and eccentric, our biting wit and acerbic tongues. Combining the two is where Virgo is most transformative.

On September 9th, the Sun will oppose Neptune. The Sun is the ego and Neptune is the sea, the imagination, the dream from which you cannot wake. Take care to make sure your ego-self is not shrouded in mist or waves of confusion. If you do feel lost, hold a small stone in your palm and squeeze it tight to bring grounding. Neptune’s music is built out of the scent of dreams and sea, but can be malefic as a siren song. In the season of Virgo, we must keep our feet on the ground, or the earth in our hands. The Moon, conjunct the Sun, opposes Neptune as well. A good outlet for this is engaging in some kind of art expression, giving Neptune’s energy a proper channel. 

Saturn in Capricorn trines Mercury in Virgo, stabilizing the way our words can empower our structures of reality. You might feel like at this moment, material, foundational reality is strengthened by your gifts of communication. This is a perfect time to use language and communication to locate strength and stability in a material sense. Mercury in Virgo also trines Uranus in Taurus, showing us that our language use might be inspired, flowing with surprising ease and power.

These three trines form a grand trine in the earth signs between Uranus, Saturn, and Mercury. Themes for this astrological moment are associated with inspiration, the intellect and technology, and the structures of our world.

Virgo, ruler of the digestive system, is the sign that takes individual components, nutrients or knowledge, and synthesizes them to be used to our best advantage. Analyze your present by applying what you learned from your past. Make sure you are actually nourishing yourself in this life that you live. And remember that picking flowers in a meadow is as important as remaining relentlessly critical, intellectually engaged, and socially awakened. 

in Dis with lilies, 

Celestial Hermit  

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Occultist, poet, translator, Neptunian lamentress. Christina Farella operates Eighth House Astrology, where she creates astrological portraits for Seekers. She imagines our natal charts as lush celestial embroidery hovering over our shoulders. Fondness for descent into the underworld. She hangs myrtle above her bed.
Occultist, poet, translator, Neptunian lamentress. Christina Farella operates Eighth House Astrology, where she creates astrological portraits for Seekers. She imagines our natal charts as lush celestial embroidery hovering over our shoulders. Fondness for descent into the underworld. She hangs myrtle above her bed.

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