Full Moon in Leo: Urgent Voices, Catalysts of Chan...

Full Moon in Leo: Urgent Voices, Catalysts of Change

The Full Moon in Leo cometh.

The past few weeks drowned me in endless waves of emotion, making demands for love, support, gratification. My internal monologue was greedy. I seemed to draw things toward me which I ultimately did not desire, and from the resulting confusion I now make new definitions of my world, my hates and loves, my power. The turmoil, unbalance, reeling, I believe was my lead up to January 31st’s Full Moon and lunar eclipse in the fixed fire sign of Leo, the zodiac’s favorite artist of personal experience.

Leo is one of the oldest constellations. It was recognized by Mesopotamian astrologers as a lion standing proudly in the sky. The bright star, Regulus, also known as the King Star, adorns its chest. Leo rules the heart, and leads with passion. Symbolically, we associate Leo with themes of pride, luxury, creativity, loyalty to one’s inner circle, generosity of spirit. Leo is also the sign of personal, artistic expression, the individual rather than the group. Many Leos are famous for being the stars of their own shows, in whatever way that manifests. Natives of the sign have a knack for constantly being in the spotlight, and are comfortable there. They possess an inner confidence that carries them through situations that many would shy away from. Like the mane of the lion, there is an aura about these people that imbues them with a unique bravery, one which derives from a natural belief in the self.

Last summer, I stood on an east coast beach as the solar eclipse changed the light over the sea. All seemed drowned in green and purple. I swear that I saw birds hovering, motionlessly, over the water, as the Moon cast her shadow on the Sun. This event, a solar eclipse in Leo, initiated a cycle that finds its resolution in this lunar eclipse in Leo. If it feels like the walls are falling in on you, remember that loose ends are being tied up before we move forward into the next astrological phase. If things are coming apart at the seams, this is the perfect time to let them do just that. Sometimes chaos brings clarity. Do not fear the end of the cycle, for the wheel turns us again, and again.

What changed for you after the solar eclipse? More likely than not, you found some junk in your home to finally get rid of. A bruised piece of your psyche that needed an herbal compress. Something to finally tear up by the roots and discard. Now ask yourself, what has sprung up in its place? What have you cultivated since August 21st, 2017? Note it and keep it close to you. You have accomplished more than you realize, my dear. You have made changes and started down new paths. Perhaps you have started to heal some old wounds. The universe provides the thread with which to sew yourself up.

This Full Moon, arriving at 5:27am PST, will be an intense one, more so than usual, due to the coincidence of this lunar eclipse. Eclipses bring matters of relationships to the fore. Perhaps you have been experiencing discomfort or confusion in your personal relationships lately. Or perhaps you have pushed forward with your partners, moving on to a next phase of life. Big energy, regardless of positive or negative, abounds, uncontrollable. Choices need to be made. This is a make or break moment for us all.

Tomorrow, with the Moon in Leo, our personal desires will be fighting for a way out of our chests, out of our mouths, and into the public square. Leo, the most individualistic and expressive sign, gets caught up in the moment, always aiming for personal satisfaction. Your words and actions will initiate a new phase in your relationships, both romantic and otherwise, so take care. Passions will be running high, and with Mercury squaring Uranus, the planet of communication will receive troublesome energy from the planet of electricity, surprises, and sudden change. If you blurt out a secret that hangs in the air, move forward with it draped across your shoulders. There is no undoing it. Full Moons are here to change us, to provide a catalyst for the new cycle of life that lies before us. The effects of this lunar eclipse will be felt for the next six months; pay attention to yourself.

Each Full Moon sits opposite the Sun in the sky, bringing a push and pull feel to these lunar events. While our personal-drama-heavy Leo Moon is concerned with the self, it sits in opposition to the Sun in Aquarius, the sign of the impersonal, the sign of the group, the collective, the higher vibrational sense of “common good.” It is a humanitarian sign, almost self-effacing in its desire to dissolve the personal in the communal. This lunar event asks you: how is your personal struggle relevant to the needs of the group? We will be pulled between the two poles of self and community, which can bring cognitive dissonance as we try to parse out just how we fit with each other, and with ourselves.

We are cresting a wave made tall by the Moon’s pull. Tomorrow, we arrive at the top of these high waters. My advice to you? Release, release, release.

Till next time, I am your

Celestial Hermit


Full Moon Fortunes


Aries + Aries Rising

You are never one who is not awake. Now you are as beautiful as fire meeting fire. Do not stay indoors tomorrow. Find exhilaration in art, bathe in the red-gold places of your heart’s deepest desire. Consider how fertility manifests in January. It is closer than you think.

Find: A starling

Discard: Muddied waters around your heart


Taurus + Taurus Rising 

You have been busier than a hummingbird’s wings, but much more heavy than those feathered limbs of flight. Can you linger in the threshold much longer? You stand, legs splayed between two worlds. Make a choice. A candle longs to bring you light.

Find: Balance in the home space

Discard: Dreams of inadequacy


Gemini + Gemini Rising 

Lithe as a sparrow, your mind trips and tumbles over and against itself as you move through the day. Have you done your errands lately? Do you neglect the mundane for the boisterous? O twinned one, your lungs are two but your desires many. To catch a moth, you must be still.

Find: Patience with yourself

Discard: The mess under your bed


Cancer + Cancer Rising 

Where do you end and the rest of us begin? What is the boundary of your own universe? Who crosses it, how often, and why? You have gone to great lengths to conquer the dragon. Give yourself permission to walk out of the cave with your pockets full of emeralds. It is no longer night.

Find: A velvet fainting couch

Discard: Those who deserve it


Leo + Leo Rising 

You are the one who decides what you desire. You are autonomous and from this autonomy comes health. Blanket yourself in stars, dear one, it is your name they are calling, this time.

Find: Clematis to lean against

Discard: Outmoded concepts of the self


Virgo + Virgo Rising 

Depths of oceans speak inside you, do you know where the tide comes from? If your third eye bleeds, it bleeds pearl and flower. Your mouth is a rose, and you are undeniable light.

Find: Cloisters

Discard: Fear


Libra + Libra Rising 

A group of shepherds call to you from the field. Do you answer electric or wooden? The desire to not choose is no longer tenable. You know the root that feeds your soul. Strike out towards that hillside, and find comfort in the other, the one who knows your name.

Find: A new instrument

Discard: Broken mirrors


Scorpio + Scorpio Rising 

The night brings a fire to your mind. You feed flowers honey, mirth, and knives. Open your book, the first word you see is your new name. Feel Saturnian; you can hold time in your arms—only if you open them.

Find: A holy forest

Discard: Names of enemies


Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising 

Inspired by dreams, it is time to get to work. Each day you toil in your mind, building a utopia no one else can see. Share yourself with us, listen to the echoes. Drag stone from the quarry, and build your temple. You are ready.

Find: 10 minutes to meditate

Discard: Materialism


Capricorn + Capricorn Rising 

And suddenly, the light became blue and settled on your eyes. Reaching forward now with body, with psyche, you are sure to make your mark. Trusting signs comes in handy. Make room for ancestral interjection.

Find: A conch to listen to

Discard: That which no longer fits


Aquarius + Aquarius Rising 

Two women visit a forest in a dream. They collect black stones, and call to each other. They spot a bear, but escape any harm. Between them floats a symbol of renewal. Partnership demands constant reinvention. Do you invigorate your yourself? Inhale. Awaken.

Find: Balance in your heart

Discard: The fear that you are unknown


Pisces + Pisces Rising 

Lively fish where are your feet? Small blue fish where is your heart? Little fish, your gills illuminate you. Knowledge of the body animates you now. Enemies will try to force you to forget your health. Recognize them, and make love of yourself into a ritual.

Find: Affection for the mundane

Discard: That which wounds you


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Cristina is an astrologer and writer, and is the founder of Eighth House Astrology, her astrological consulting practice. She is the contributing astrologer and co-author of the Celestial Bodies Oracle, a new oracle deck from Serpentfire, due out in 2020. She imagines our natal charts as lush celestial embroidery hovering over our shoulders. Fondness for descent into the underworld. Occultist, poet, translator, Neptunian lamentress. She hangs myrtle above her bed.
Cristina is an astrologer and writer, and is the founder of Eighth House Astrology, her astrological consulting practice. She is the contributing astrologer and co-author of the Celestial Bodies Oracle, a new oracle deck from Serpentfire, due out in 2020. She imagines our natal charts as lush celestial embroidery hovering over our shoulders. Fondness for descent into the underworld. Occultist, poet, translator, Neptunian lamentress. She hangs myrtle above her bed.


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