Venus Retrograde in Scorpio: Love in the Underworl...

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio: Love in the Underworld

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On Friday, October 5th, Venus, planet of love, sensuality, aesthetics, and resources, will station retrograde while in the sign Scorpio. Of all the planets, Venus’s retrograde is most infrequent, occurring about every 19 months or so, and so it is said that the effects of this transit are most noticeable. Venus will be retrograde from October 5th through November 16th, beginning its retrograde at 10 degrees Scorpio. On November 1st, Venus will retrograde into Libra, and it will finish out its retrograde at 25 degrees Libra. Let’s talk about what all of this means, and what we can expect from Venus retrograde this fall. 

The planet Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love, sexual pleasure, and fertility in all senses—bodily, spiritual, and material. Venus, born from the sea, governs emotional connection and intimacies of all kinds. Venusian energy is lush, embodied, alluring. Venus calls to mind both the ephemerality of sea-foam and the richness of dark velvet. 

Our earliest poets made practice of calling to Venus for assistance in love. One of the most famous instances of this is the ancient Greek poetess Sappho’s many wild pleas to Aphrodite (the Greek Venus) as she was tormented by the whims of lovers. Venus is an active goddess. She can be summoned to the bedside of the heartsick, and if you are in her good graces, she can offer help. Her favorite bird is the sparrow, and a flock of them draw her chariot. Her flowers are many, but the most famous is the rose. Her color is dark green. 

Venus loves luxury, and we see this expressed in Taurus and Libra, the two signs of the zodiac ruled by Venus. Both Libra and Taurus are excited by the material. Taurus is renown for her sensuality, for her cultivation of beautiful home spaces and her love of delicious texture and color. Libra is famed for her sophistication, elegance, and proclivity for aesthetic harmony.

We are in the midst of Libra season, and so the season is one ruled by Venus. Libra season is typically a time of year where we socialize, seek to strengthen relationships with our friends and loved ones, and strive to live in harmony with the earth as the bounty of the harvest is collected in preparation for winter. Given that we are in a Venusian season while Venus moves retrograde, it is crucial for us to enter this retrograde with some ideas of how the energy may impact us the next few weeks. 

How to Approach a Retrograde

In general, when a planet stations retrograde it means that from our viewpoint here on Earth, the planet seems to move not forward in its orbit, but backwards. Despite this phenomenon, the planet is not actually moving backwards, but rather, this is a misperception. Therefore we can say that during a period of a planetary retrograde, our perception is skewed, slowed down, or inverted around the themes of the planet itself. This is why during Mercury retrograde (our most famous retrograde), things having to do with communication, travel, and technology—issues ruled by Mercury—come under extra pressure and confusion.

Venus retrograde therefore is a period where our relationships, romantic and otherwise, will come under close scrutiny. It is a period famous for breakups, freak-outs, and sudden endings. It can be an extremely powerful time to clear away some emotional debris that no longer serves you. Venus retrograde can help you prioritize and reorganize yourself, emotionally, if you work with the energy of the season. Think of it as Venusian pruning. As always with these retrogrades, the general advice is to turn inward, become Hermit-like, and examine with scorpion-like honesty what you carry with you, why, and how it truly serves you. Though Venus collects ribbons, silks, and roses, you do not need to keep everything you come across in this lifetime. Venus retrograde encourages those of us who can be hoarders of the heart to let some things go, to make some room for something new. 

Venus in Scorpio: Love in the Underworld

At this time, Venus is currently in fixed water sign Scorpio, a sign co-ruled by Mars, god of war, and Pluto, god of the underworld. Venus is considered to be in her detriment in Scorpio. She is a bit uncomfortable here. It’s not that Scorpio stifles Venus—Scorpio is definitely capable of passionate love—but Scorpio influences Venus’s amorous priorities. The harmonious nature of the love goddess wants yellow lamplight and lyre music, hyacinths and doves. But in the underworld, these commodities are hard to come by.

Venus in Scorpio seeks intimacy beyond boundaries of the body. She wants love that goes all the way into the depths of your psyche, your dreams, your own personal underworld, so that she can love and appreciate each and every part of you, dark and light. Venus in Scorpio fears nothing, because Scorpio is acquainted already with death and rebirth. It is whispering secrets into your lover’s skin. Devotion that engages the stuff of the soul. Venus in Scorpio is love in the dark woods of Dis. Venus in Scorpio is obsessive, but it is an obsession carried out for the sake of genuine intimacy. Scorpio is a sign that cannot bear to be dishonest with herself, and so in matters of the heart, Venus in Scorpio can love and hate with great force. Jealousy abounds here, as well as heightened sensitivity. All water signs are psychic, and Scorpio’s association with the realm of spirits gives the sign an extra layer of depth. Venus in Scorpio is also devoted to sexual pleasure. With this said, it is a placement that makes us want to merge ourselves completely, skin and aura, to that of our lover. 

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

Venus entered Scorpio on September 10th but has been in the shadow period of her retrograde since September 2nd while she was still in Libra, so you may have been feeling the effects of this transit already. Venus retrograde in Scorpio will look different for each of us, depending on how Venus is situated in our charts. But in general we can talk about some themes that will certainly be relevant to us all, through November 16th.

First and foremost, we will be asking so many difficult questions of our love relationships. Are you in love? How do you show your beloved that you love them so? How have they shown you? What do they say? What does this make you feel? What kind of passion is present between you two? Is there inspiration here? Is the feeling deeper than the crust of the Earth? Are you really satisfied? Scorpio is a sign that seeks truth and integrity, and does not rest until it has all the answers. You will be moved to engage with your lover (or lovers!) in this fashion. It is a time of great examination of your intimacies. And Scorpio wants the real thing, not the imitation.

It is not uncommon for many of us to break up during Venus retrograde, and since this retrograde occurs in Scorpio, the sign that loves to burn a bridge (or twenty), we may be tempted to just pull the plug on our significant others. If you’ve needed a push to leave a toxic situation, this energy can be helpful. Venus retrograde can sometimes bring up the worst from the depths to show us what needs fixing. It is up to you if you want to devote the energy to healing the wounds of love or finally walking away.  If you are not attached at the moment this transit still impacts you, of course, and these questions are still relevant, but rephrased. It will be a time of deep soul searching for clarity on what feeds you sexually and psychically, and what it is you most need.

Love is not the only thing up for reprisal this retrograde, as Venus rules resources as well as amorous matters. If you are stalled in your career, or feeling like you don’t know how to get yourself to the next level of financial stability—or if you’re just striving to achieve financial stability and independence, like so many of us are—this is an important time, as well. Be honest with yourself about how you spend your money. Try to hold off on any super extravagant purchases until after the 16th of November, if you can. This is a time to get real with yourself about your budget, once and for all. Additionally, keep in mind the fact that there are many kinds of resources beyond the financial realm. Relationships, our sense of safety, our intelligence, and our connection to ourselves are important resources that need to be appraised during this Venus retrograde, as well. 

Venus Through the Moon Cycle

We will experience a New Moon and a Full Moon with Venus retrograde. The New Moon in Libra occurs on October 8th, and the Full Moon in Taurus occurs on October 24th. It is significant that both Venus-ruled signs are activated by the Moon’s cycle while Venus is retrograde. The cosmos sends webs of connectivity through all things. 

On October 8th at 8:47pm, the New Moon in Libra calls us to, again, take stock of our relationships, both platonic and otherwise. How do your bonds serve you? Which ones are dead weight? What feeds your soul, and what relationship is a drain on your resources? Finding ways to nourish yourself are key, here, as well, as we need to remember to nurture ourselves so that we can be the best possible partners for our friends and lovers. 

The Full Moon in Taurus occurs on October 24th at 9:45am. Here, as the Sun sits in Scorpio and the Moon opposes it in Taurus, we must ask ourselves how our deep we can go in our efforts to cultivate a healthy balance between the material and the psychic, the sexual, the spiritual. The Moon in Taurus will want us to root into our luxurious Venusian selves and take stock of our assets. But there is a tension here, as the Sun and Venus oppose the Moon. While Taurus roots into the material, Scorpio says, “That is mere artifice. Meet me in the underworld.” Scorpio season pushes us to connect with what is buried deep in our memories, our hearts, and asks us to engage honestly with what matters to us. That day Venus will also form a sextile angle to Saturn at 5:52am, giving us the energy to examine our foundations and boundaries. This Full Moon asks us to take seriously the wisdom gleaned from this Venus retrograde transit, to start ensuring that the structures we have built in love are made of the right material. If not, it will have to be rebuilt, for Saturn accepts no substitutes.

As Venus moves backwards through the degrees of Scorpio, she eventually re-enters Libra and ends her retrograde at 25 degrees in the sign of balance on November 16th. By re-entering Libra, the planet at this point asks us to revisit themes from September, when the planet was last traveling through these degrees of the sign. What is coming up for you repetitively, at this point? Consider it carefully. This might be an important lesson for you to digest. 


And there we have it, my Venusian doves. How do you feel? Moving into these astrological transits with knowledge is the best armor we can provide ourselves with. I’m confident that this will be a season of deep reckoning, which will pull us underground to the forests beneath our feet, and we will be able to re-emerge all the wiser. 

I want to know how you fare this Venus retrograde! Drop me a note on Instagram @eighthhouseastro to keep me in the loop.

Your very own Venus in Scorpio, 

Celestial Hermit 

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Occultist, poet, translator, Neptunian lamentress. Christina Farella operates Eighth House Astrology, where she creates astrological portraits for Seekers. She imagines our natal charts as lush celestial embroidery hovering over our shoulders. Fondness for descent into the underworld. She hangs myrtle above her bed.
Occultist, poet, translator, Neptunian lamentress. Christina Farella operates Eighth House Astrology, where she creates astrological portraits for Seekers. She imagines our natal charts as lush celestial embroidery hovering over our shoulders. Fondness for descent into the underworld. She hangs myrtle above her bed.


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