New Moon in Scorpio: Be the Phoenix

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018 brings us a New Moon in Scorpio. This New Moon arrives amidst a barrage of astrological change, and not a moment too soon. At the time I am composing this note, those of us in the U.S. are anxiously waiting to see signs that participating in our democracy can actually yield results, and help us fight the heavy weaponry of fascism. Regardless of the election, the energy and passion with which so many of us have turned out to vote, to organize, to canvass, knock on doors, phone-bank, and just spread the word in our communities is reflected in our current astrological weather, which brings us the ability to both release what holds us back and call in fresh, electric, deep power. 

New Moons are the beginning of the lunar cycle. The Moon is shrouded in shadow, and the luminary of deep emotions floats in her private domain, contemplating her next steps. Astrologically speaking, a New Moon is noted when the Sun and the Moon are conjunct, found at the exact same degree in a particular sign. Clocking in at 15° Scorpio, halfway through the sign’s season, November 7th’s New Moon in Scorpio is about psychic depth, communing with darkness, and finding rebirth through the pain of shedding old energetic patterns and behaviors. 

Much talk of Scorpio happens in terms of the sign’s “intensity,” “darkness,” or power/control dynamic. Ruled by two planets, Mars, planet of sexual aggression and war, and Pluto, planet of revolution and obsession, Scorpio does indeed carry a heavy karmic weight. Scorpio is represented by three totemic creatures, whereas the remaining eleven signs only have one creature or image to represent them. 

Scorpio thus has three modes of being. The first mode is Scorpio as scorpion, who hides in the shadow of the underworld, meditating under roots and leaves, waiting to sting her next target. The second mode is Scorpio as eagle, indicating the high-mindedness of the sign, as well as its nobility and intellectual power. The last is the phoenix, which is famous for continual self-immolation and rebirth. This speaks to the regenerative power of the sign. Scorpio takes what is high, brings it down to ash, down to the underworld, and without help from any guide, rises back up to the realm of ego, renewed and restored by death. In Scorpio there is integrity, independence, and an acknowledgement of the importance of death.

When talking about Scorpio it is fairly normal for discussion to circle around themes of the underworld, or the soul. In his psychological study, The Dream and the Underworld, Jungian analyst James Hillman writes that “the underworld is a realm of only psyche, a purely psychical world. What one meets there is the soul… to say this another way, underworld is the mythological style of describing a psychological cosmos. Put more bluntly: underworld is psyche… It is in light of psyche [defined here as the entity which functions after death or in dreams or trances] that we must read all underworld descriptions. Being in the underworld means psychic being, being psychological, where the soul comes first… Underworld images are ontological statements about the soul, how it exists in and for itself beyond life.” 

It is only in dreaming, trance work, meditation, or being in other altered states that we access this realm of pure psyche. This is the realm of Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, lord of the underworld. Understanding the underworld as a land of psyche, or of psychological depth, can lend some vocabulary to the work the New Moon in Scorpio asks us to consider. 

With the Moon New in Scorpio, we are drawn to an internal, shadow-bound place. We are asked to engage with what exists in the darkness of our own minds, and like dipping our hands in black ink, cover ourselves with it, and use it as part of our magic. By entering the realm of your own unconscious and engaging with your fear, your issues with control and desires for power, your fantasies, you can fashion all of that weight into armor. Don’t forget that Delphic maxim: Know thyself. There is power in your own truth. 

Entering our own personal underworlds also encourages us to tap into a collective unconscious energy. We are all carrying different versions of these archetypal challenges, and there is great strength in recognizing our collective struggles. Fascists sow doubt amongst populations by dividing, by convincing groups of people that they are different, and in difference lies hierarchy. Fascist corporations create haves and have-nots. Lay waste to the natural world, bringing chaos and death to blameless people who live in coastal towns, or really anywhere at this point. The New Moon in Scorpio encourages us to tap into that strength of spirit, strength of personal integrity, strength, and pushes us to work through the darkness (not around it! but through it!) so that we might transform our society. New Moon in Scorpio is a wake-up call, and we’re receiving it whether we set our alarms the night before, or not. 

Astrologers use planetary positions as well as sensitive mathematical points in the chart to determine important information about astrological energies. November 7th bears witness to an incredibly important change. The Moon’s nodes, mathematical points that describe our karmic path in this lifetime, are going to change positions. When they do, our understanding of our karmic work will change with them. 

The Moon’s nodes, referred to as the North Node and the South Node, have been in the binary position of Leo (North Node) / Aquarius (South Node). The Nodes always appear as astrological opposites, indicating a sort of karmic tug of war between the opposing signs and their energies. We are to embrace the energy of the North Node and release the energy of the South Node. For the past year and a half, the North Node in Leo has encouraged us to embrace the dynamism of our own individualities. Leo, the lion, is the artist of personal expression, and as such, in a North Node placement, we have been spending time honing our voices, and practicing our roar. 

It is without a doubt important to recognize your individual power, especially in a world that seeks to bring many of us down in the process of living our lives freely. With that said, the individual can only flourish if they are supported by and intertwined with a strong collective, a loyal and loving community that lives in harmony with its natural surroundings, and that is what the North Node in Cancer will be here to teach us.

North Node in Cancer, first of all, signifies a shift from the masculine (Leo) to the feminine, as Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon, has connections to motherhood, feminine power, and family life. Here, softness reigns. Taking care of other people and forming loyal bonds is key. Finding ways to nurture yourself in your home, and to care for others, is extremely important. No doubt this is medicine that we all need as we continue this ongoing fight against fascism. The Cancer North Node is a cosmic reminder to let your nest be filled with health, light, and regenerative energy. Your home foundation will be key to your wellbeing. Almost equally important will be  leading with empathy. Empathy will be crucial. 

And with the North Node in Cancer, the South Node is in Capricorn. We will be asked to release the shadow side of Capricorn—ruthless materialism, hard work for the sake of personal progress over the wellbeing of the group, focus on superficiality, and the need to dominate, to climb the ladder, to win empty victories. With the South Node in Capricorn we release all of these darknesses, many of which I would dare to say characterize the behaviors of many people in power, these days. The South Node is karmic release, undoing. We are working toward personal and societal release of this self-serving nature. We will not be able to survive much longer this way. Witches know this best. 

New Moon in Scorpio, shifting of the Moon’s nodes, and we’re not even done yet. On November 6th, Uranus moves from Taurus back into Aries, as the planet is retrograde, and as such we experience yet another energetic change. Uranus is the planet of technology, progress, futurity, and sudden change. Aries is the sign of beginning. It is the first sign of the zodiac, and presides over the development of the ego and the sense of a person’s individuality. Sudden changes to the way we see ourselves in terms of our ego development are fully possible at this time. 

Uranus in Aries also brings back issues from mid-May when the planet was last in this sign. What have you grown and cultivated since that time? How has your sense of progress and personal development shifted? What have you let go of? Meditating on these questions can help illuminate how you are to use the energy or Uranus in Aries. I’d also like to say that with this planetary placement, we will be inspired to stand firm in our personal power, hopefully sparking recognition amongst the masses that we have power as individuals, and can use that for the progress and betterment of society. 

On November 8th, Jupiter leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. Jupiter has been moving through Scorpio for about a year now, and as such, this year has been a rude awakening to things that lurked in the shadows. Scorpio oozes psychic matter, and Jupiter is the planet of expansion and excess. Normally considered a benefic or positive planet, in Scorpio, Jupiter has worked to bring secrets out into the light. Certain truths about our society have been exposed. 

Those of us who have been long aware are not surprised, and might even feel anguished at most people’s shock that our country is “this badly off,” but guess what, it has been this way from the beginning. We are nearing the Pluto return of the United States, and abuses of power are being brought out into the open so that we can change for the better. 

Jupiter in Sagittarius will have a different feel, and perhaps there is a lot to look forward to in that vein. Jupiter will be in its rulership in Sagittarius, which means the planet is comfortable, “at home,” so to speak, and thus the energy is unbridled, passionate, and optimistic. Jupiter is a planet of fertility. Wherever Sagittarius exists in your natal chart, you can be sure that the next year will bring you expansion and growth around the themes of the house or houses Sagittarius rules.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is about the richness of cultivating and expanding our horizons, expanding our minds, and our outlooks therefore. As always, with Jupiter we have to stay a little guarded, as Jupiter is as excessive as it is expansive. Tendencies to over-do it are highly possible, so try to stay grounded. But, honestly, there is no way to grow without taking some Sagittarian leaps of faith. Most importantly, Jupiter in Sagittarius asks us to take that important information we gained from Jupiter in Scorpio and now put it to use in the real world. Use this rude awakening to fight for equality. Scorpio is a researcher, and Sagittarius translates Scorpio’s insight into something tangible, something material, fiery. It is a call to action, amongst other things. 

Oh my goodness. There is so much going on. I know this is a lot to process. Just keep in mind that if you are feeling swept away by the astrological current, take care of yourself. Take time to ground, to go within, to reconnect with what you are comforted by. Then, when you are ready, go outside of yourself and keep fighting. Things are changing. By remaining aware of these astrological shifts, we can work with the celestial energy and usher in our own kind of evolution here in the material realm. Keep your chests open, but don the armor of psyche as we move forward into the new.

Till next time, I am your Celestial Hermit.  

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Cristina is an astrologer and writer, and is the founder of Eighth House Astrology, her astrological consulting practice. She is the contributing astrologer and co-author of the Celestial Bodies Oracle, a new oracle deck from Serpentfire, due out in 2020. She imagines our natal charts as lush celestial embroidery hovering over our shoulders. Fondness for descent into the underworld. Occultist, poet, translator, Neptunian lamentress. She hangs myrtle above her bed.
Cristina is an astrologer and writer, and is the founder of Eighth House Astrology, her astrological consulting practice. She is the contributing astrologer and co-author of the Celestial Bodies Oracle, a new oracle deck from Serpentfire, due out in 2020. She imagines our natal charts as lush celestial embroidery hovering over our shoulders. Fondness for descent into the underworld. Occultist, poet, translator, Neptunian lamentress. She hangs myrtle above her bed.


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