Capricorn Season 2018: Horoscopes For All the Sign...

Capricorn Season 2018: Horoscopes For All the Signs

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The Sun has entered Capricorn, and a fresh astrological season is upon us! December 21st, 2018 initiated both the start of Capricorn season (at exactly 2:23p.m. PST) as well as the Winter Solstice. With the arrival of each astrological season, various parts of your chart are lit up by the Sun and lunations (Full and New Moons), which in turn bring a fresh set of energetic themes for us to contend with. 

Read below to get a sense of what Capricorn season has in store for you. Be sure to read both your Sun and rising sign, dear seekers! 

Capricorn + Capricorn Rising 

Capricorn! Sweet sea-goat! It is your time. Happy solar return, my dear. This is a beautiful time of astrological rebirth for you, as the Sun passes through the degree it occupied when you came into this world. You have grown so much this year, with all of the retrograde energy that has pushed you backwards before you can move forwards. It has been a lot, I know. 2019 will be one of deep transformation, as a series of eclipses in Capricorn/Cancer will give us all a bit of a cosmic shakedown. These will be extra important for you. This time of year is for letting the Sun shine its light on your beautiful sense of self, and for taking stock of how much you have accomplished. As a Capricorn you never really stop working, not to be satisfied until you feel you have ascended to the level of master. That’s OK, keep pushing. Just remember to try to find softness for yourself along the way.

This Cancer Full Moon highlights the importance of your partnerships, and encourages you to spend time with people who make you feel seen and supported. You may feel compelled to think a lot about your close personal relationships, and revise what your needs in partnerships look like at this point. As we grow, our needs fluctuate and grow with us. This is natural. If you are not getting quite what you need from your relationships, now is the time to correct it before you move forward. And don’t forget to ask yourself what kind of partner you are, what you bring to the table, and if you can make any changes there. There’s always room for improvement, you know this so well. You are an individualist, so capable. Don’t forget that you really can’t survive without the support of others. Let people in, my dear, and your power will grow.

Aquarius + Aquarius Rising 

Hello sweet Aquarius, and welcome to Capricorn season. This time of year, heed the call to go inward, downward, and within, as the Sun travels through a part of your chart that deals explicitly with the soul, the shadow, and various forms of illness and healing. Connecting to spiritual practices is advised, as there is great opportunity here for you to hone your intuition and find grace within your own darkness. You’re such a visionary, Aquarius, and you love to keep your eyes on the future. The impetus to look within might overwhelm. But at this time of year, there are gifts that you can unearth from your dreams that will stay with you for the rest of the year. 

The Full Moon in Cancer encourages you to reconnect yourself to rituals of health and the body. What are the steps you take on a daily basis to nurture your physical form? Your body is as important as your electric mind, my dear. If you don’t have an established routine, one that centers your wellness in a genuine way, now is the time to create one. Don’t put pressure on yourself to make it perfect, though. Finding small ways to better your health and sense of connection to your body is really what is advised. Little changes. Another theme that will be important for you is the theme of work, as in your day job. You may find that you make a few discoveries about what is important to you in terms of how you define “work,” and what kind of work you need to do in order to feel at your fullest capacity. 

Pisces + Pisces Rising 

Pisces, this time of year finds you empowered to connect with your social groups, far and near, and continue your passion projects by continuing to network with like-minded people in your community. Pisces gets a reputation for being a sleepy, sensitive creature, but I know you have big dreams for the future. You are also a steadfast and generous friend. Use your natural kindness, your natural ability to connect with new people, and your keen curiosity, to keep reaching out and making new relationships. This will be the key to furthering your work as you enter the new year. It’s hard to be extroverted, to put yourself in a social mode, I know. But this time of year you are apt to establish some important new relationships that will carry you and your visions forward. We will only be able to change this world if we work together as a progressive whole. Capricorn season reminds you of this, and lets you take the lead for the next few weeks. 

The Full Moon in Cancer will be an invitation to engage fully with your creative senses, and with your art practice. You are a natural artist, Pisces, as a water sign ruled by Neptune, god of the sea. If you are feeling stuck, or unsure of what your next steps look like, the Full Moon allows you to root in to a mode of creative expression that will lead to a renewed sense of hope, fertility, and futurity. If you don’t have an art practice per se, take some time to connect with whatever makes you feel “fertile,” or like you are able to create newness in your life. Meditation, a long walk in nature, writing out a list of what gives you pleasure, these are all available to you. Connecting with like-minded people on a social level will also bring joy; try to get out amongst friends to also find a sense of fertility and growth.

Aries + Aries Rising 

Dear Aries, bright ram, it is Capricorn season—welcome! This month finds you empowered to connect with growing your public image and expanding your visions for your career and work life. There is a lot that can be gained at this time of year for you in particular. You can use your natural affinity for socializing and your quick wit to charm just about anyone. You easily build social connections, but are they going somewhere? Is the work you’re doing at the moment fulfilling? What path are you on at the moment, does your work get enough exposure to the right people? While the impetus to climb a ladder of power is a little gauche, I know, there is a lot of energy for you this month around doing just that. Focus on bolstering public perception of you and your unique sensibilities, and gifts will follow. 

The Full Moon in Cancer finds you compelled to find comfort in the foundations of the home, the private life you have cultivated for yourself up until this point. The world is big and bright and there is always so much to see and do, but eventually we must return to our private spaces to refresh and recharge. You can travel the entire world, learning and seeing new things, but if you don’t remember to return home you will be left feeling un-nourished. Find time this weekend to stay in, to get quiet with yourself, and to enjoy the mundane and the domestic. Remember that foundations of the home are crucial to us in our development. 

Taurus + Taurus Rising 

Dear Taurus, darling bovine, it is Capricorn season. While the Sun is in Capricorn, it will be important for you to spend some time cultivating and deepening your philosophical outlook. You are one who takes their time before making any big decisions, and because of this, your rational mind is very strong. The Sun in Capricorn illuminates all matters pertaining to questions around big ideas—foreign culture, travel, philosophy, and spirit. No pressure! If this feels like a tall order, just remember that while the Sun is in Capricorn, your mental faculties are quite sharp, and this will be an important time for you to make some key decisions about your future plans. 

The Full Moon in Cancer invites you to connect with matters a little closer to home. With the Moon full in Cancer, you will be encouraged to connect with those in your local community, your siblings, those near and dear to your heart, and this will be a time of exciting conversations and community building for you. The things you talk about now will remain influential for the next two weeks, so keep your ears and eyes open for new ideas that pique your brain and help draw you into a new cycle in the coming new year. 

Gemini + Gemini Rising 

Gemini, you are the cosmic twin, and as such, you know all about light and dark, high and low. This Capricorn season, you are asked to heed the darkness of winter and go inward. There is a good amount of transformational work that awaits you. You are such a social butterfly and can tend to spread yourself so thin. For the next few weeks, as the year winds down, you too should slow down (as much as you possibly can, I know it’s hard!) and spend time with your shadow. What are things that seem to stick, to haunt the corners of your mind? They deserve as much attention and love as your brightest moments, my dear. Though it’s scary to be steeped in shadow, the journey does not stop in the underworld. If you engage with the energy of this season, you will emerge with deeper insight and new information about your values, especially what can be cut loose in order to move forward. 

The Full Moon brings renewed energy around all matters financial, and will help you work out some important matters around resources and values. If you have been spending like crazy, this behavior may catch up with you sooner than you expect. The Full Cancer Moon asks you to deepen your understanding around your finances and how you spend. It also asks you to think deeply about what is valuable beyond just money—what is a crucial resource to you and why? How do you understand your own hierarchy of needs? How are they met by your current setup and what can you do to improve them? So much of our day is spent in fast madness, and we often make quick decisions around our finances that we later regret. For you this Full Cancer Moon, you should spend some time considering all of the above for the sake of establishing more solid patterns of awareness around that which you hold most dear. 

Cancer + Cancer Rising 

Hi sweet Cancer and welcome to Capricorn season. Though you are the crab who carries her home with her everywhere she goes (that beautiful shell!) this season you are advised to spend time connecting with those you cherish most. Partnership is a cornerstone of your life philosophy. You value loyalty and connectivity on a very deep level. This time of year, use that gift of empathy and reach out to people you haven’t seen in a while. The feeling is social, festive, and sweet. There is a lot to be learned from unexpected meet-ups, as well as the possibility for deep conversations with people you consider partners in this lifetime. The other matter at hand is to really check in with yourself about what partnership means to you. How are your needs fulfilled by your partnerships? Do you feel seen, supported? How do you give of yourself to others? How are your boundaries, do they need to strengthen or soften? As we move forward into 2019, it will be important for you to be clear with yourself and those around you where you stand in relation to them. You are endlessly generous, my dear, make sure you are not giving all of yourself away in your desire to help, support, and nurture. 

The Full Moon in Cancer is a beautiful time for you, a mini cosmic-rebirth, where you can and should spend some time loving yourself in all your unique power. The Full Moon lights up your house of identity, essential self, ego. Think back on this year, how you have grown and changed. There is likely a lot you have accomplished, and you should take time to take stock of this. 2019’s upcoming set of eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn will be very important and transformative for you. This is an important time to connect with ancestral roots, or early childhood memories to find a way to move forward in full awareness of your own power. 

Leo + Leo Rising 

Leo, it is Capricorn season. This time of year it is crucial for you to spend time cultivating new habits of health and wellness. You love to be centerstage, my dear, and no one does it quite like you. With holiday celebrations going full speed at this point, you may be feeling like you’re wearing a bit thin (though you’d never admit it!). This Capricorn season, find new ways to connect to rituals of health and wellness—rituals of the self. As a solar Leo, you are the artist of personal expression. Though you are wildly talented at all things performative, you need to remember that the interior is as important as the exterior. Find new ways to worship yourself in a wholesome, nurturing way. You need to remember to feed yourself, nutritionally, intellectually, and spiritually, this month, so that you can start 2019 fresh and in your full power. 

The Cancer Full Moon is also an invitation to explore the realm of the shadow, the soul, and to get some damn rest! With the Sun as your ruling planet, you tend to want to stay in the light. But your spirit is strong, my dear, and there is wisdom and insight to be gained by looking within. Find a moment to meditate, to try to quite that fire mind, and ask yourself serious questions about the nature of your soul at the moment. We all need a cosmic check-in every now and again. The Cancer Full Moon lights up a part of your chart that first and foremost encourages sleep, rest, recuperation, and secondly encourages you to visit realms of your dreamworld and to connect with your shadow. 

Virgo + Virgo Rising 

Dear Virgo, cosmic healer, hello. It is Capricorn time. This time of year you are encouraged to explore all matters related to art and creativity, as well as your connections to children, family, and fertility in all senses of the word. You are often someone who prefers to work behind the scenes, offering crucial support to your networks of friends, partners, and colleagues. That is so very appreciated (whether you realize it or not, you make a big impact), but it is time for you to explore your sense of the limelight—however that manifests to you. You don’t need to get on stage and make a scene at karaoke (but if you feel like doing that please go ahead), but rather, what is recommended here is to spend time deepening your personal art practices, your personal languages, your modes of self-expression. You devote yourself to the collective, naturally. Now is the time to seek some space for your individual gifts, and to nourish them so that they can grow into 2019. 

This Cancer Full Moon asks you to connect with your social networks, speak with like-minded visionaries just like you, who long to build a better future. You are so smart, your wit is sharp and you are keenly perceptive. You see flaws with ease, and have big ideas about how to fix societal ills. By going out and speaking with others about your passions, you will find new pathways forward, and spark new inspiration in your own mind and in the minds of others. 

Libra + Libra Rising 

Sweet Libra, you are the beautiful peacekeeper of the zodiac, and this Capricorn season you are invited to spend time in your domestic space, connecting to all things ancestral and foundational to the home space. You have such a good eye for art and design, and can make any space warm in an instant. But how much time do you actually get to spend devoted to the beautification of your own space? You are such a social butterfly, and often let your own private needs fall by the wayside. Nurture your own home space just as you nurture others, and root into the deep pleasure of connecting with your private self. 

This Cancer Full Moon wants you to get serious about thinking clearly about your path forward in terms of your career. You have reached a point where your reputation is gaining notoriety, and if you put in some serious work for the next two weeks, you will be able to set yourself up for new connections and career growth as we enter 2019. Small steps, diligence, and discipline are key. Don’t rush a connection for the sake of crossing it off your list. Relationships you are building now matter a great deal, and will be influential as you move forward. 

Scorpio + Scorpio Rising 

Sweet Scorpio, how are you? It is Capricorn season, and for the next four weeks you are encouraged to spend time cultivating your relationship to your style of communication, how you use language to connect with your communities. Learning in small steps is not really your style, you prefer the soul deepening, bone piercing style of knowledge that brings grand realizations that lift your spirit and connect you to something more divine than mundane. But for you, Capricorn season will be an exercise in engaging with the mundane. Travel plans, connections with siblings and people close to you (think neighborhoods, buildings, coworkers), will all rise to an important tenor. You have a brilliant mind, and should spend time cultivating it in little ways right now. Breaking things down is sometimes more helpful than plunging into the depths head first. Digest what you hear before you reply, and when you do speak back, make sure the words you use are precise. This will carry your message much further than an arrow shot from an iron bow. 

This Cancer Full Moon wants to see you engage with matters of philosophy, spirituality, and ideas from far off places. Feed your imagination for the next two weeks with books and movies and ideas that you have not yet explored. Our eyes can only see past the horizon, but there really is so much to be discovered in this world. You are not yet done learning. Expect new ideas that can change your view on something you thought you already understood, and be open to new mental growth. This will put you on the path you need to be treading as we enter 2019. 

Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising 

Sagittarius hello! Dear centaur, it is Capricorn season, and as the Sun moves through this sign, it is time for you to get right with your finances and sense of resources, both monetary and otherwise. As the year ends, you need to check in with yourself about what you value and why. We make purchases all the time, especially around this time of year, and Capricorn season might make you suddenly stop and feel bewildered about where your money has gone. If you feel caught off guard by your spending, it is time to take a break, and really sit with an examine your spending habits. You can cultivate new financial habits for 2019 at this time. Remember that money is not the only resource we have—relationships, love, safety, access to food and work, these things are all resources as well, and deserve a re-appraisal from you at this point in the year before we move forward. 

The Cancer Full Moon wants you to release yourself from past habits of financial misuse. If you are attached to or dependent on others for financial support, it is time to examine that relationship and ask yourself how it serves you. This Full Moon asks you to do some difficult work, to let go of pasty cycles of abuse and confusion. No pressure, my dear. If you are feeling a little extra dark, please remember that all energy is cyclical and you won’t feel this way forever. If you choose to engage with the darkness at this point, you will find great power for personal change, in realms mental, emotional, and psychic. 

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Cristina is an astrologer and writer, and is the founder of Eighth House Astrology, her astrological consulting practice. She is the contributing astrologer and co-author of the Celestial Bodies Oracle, a new oracle deck from Serpentfire, due out in 2020. She imagines our natal charts as lush celestial embroidery hovering over our shoulders. Fondness for descent into the underworld. Occultist, poet, translator, Neptunian lamentress. She hangs myrtle above her bed.
Cristina is an astrologer and writer, and is the founder of Eighth House Astrology, her astrological consulting practice. She is the contributing astrologer and co-author of the Celestial Bodies Oracle, a new oracle deck from Serpentfire, due out in 2020. She imagines our natal charts as lush celestial embroidery hovering over our shoulders. Fondness for descent into the underworld. Occultist, poet, translator, Neptunian lamentress. She hangs myrtle above her bed.


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