Venus in Taurus, Mars in Cancer: Your Heart, a Gar...

Venus in Taurus, Mars in Cancer: Your Heart, a Garden, Your Sword, a Crab

On May 14, 2019, Venus and Mars ingress into new signs, signaling to us a fresh energetic narrative around themes of love, money, values, anger, conflict, and self-advocacy. 

Venus in Taurus, May 15 – June 9

At 2:46am, Venus enters Taurus. In the midst of Taurus season, this is a lush blessing. Venus rules Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, the sign of the senses, the body, and all that comes with it. Here, Venus is at home. Perched in graceful full glam on a velvet green couch, the expression of Venusian energy here is pure, effervescent, and available to us all. 

Venus is the goddess of surfaces. Art, texture, touch, taste, music, color, fabric, all fall under Venus’s domain. She is also the goddess of values. She helps us determine what is important and what we can do away with. She can help us draw boundaries to protect our sense of self, our inner resources, our energy, our auras. 

She can also help us practice some stern financial sense, believe it or not. From this goddess comes beauty and the promise of cultivation of value, something we can only do when we understand our resources at hand. Inside your heart is a garden. Venus in Taurus asks you to tend to it, gently, to encourage new vines to flourish, new paths to open up, and new fruit to fall. 

From now until June 9th, Venus will sway through earthy Taurus, bringing our sense of self back to the tangible. Taurus is a sign that is fully embedded in her body, and Venus’s time in Taurus thus seeks to return us to our physical, true, lived experience. This is an amazing time for us all to find richer, more generous ways to spread out and embrace the versatility of our physical experience. 

Venus makes some exciting connections to other planets in her time in Taurus. On May 18th, the date of the Full Moon in Scorpio, Venus will connect with Uranus. Sparkling green electricity crackles in our hearts with this conjunction, as the planet of love blends efforts with the planet of shock, change, and futurity. New insight around romance is bound to erupt at this point, so keep yourself in the moment. You are being shown new ways of seeing, my dears. 

On May 30th, Venus will sextile Neptune, a seriously romantic and whimsical aspect which encourages us to speak in poetry and move in music. Concertos emanate from your fingertips on this day. Use your hands to connect with those you love, as Neptune here encourages radical empathy. May 31st sees Venus trine Saturn, and we’ll be supported in our efforts to transform dreams of love to actual realities. June 2nd sees Venus trine Pluto, god of the underworld. Our senses will be deep, passions will have a larger than life quality, as we ask ourselves and our lovers questions that only the soul can answer. Love in the underworld is the only love that will do, today.

Mars in Cancer, May 15 – July 2

Mars in Cancer is in its detriment. Here, the god of war feels uncomfortable in the domain of the crab, which prefers to move side-to-side rather than charge forward on the battlefield. With Mars in Cancer through July 2nd, we’ll be asked to reroute our rage through our heart-centers, which might be quite uncomfortable for us. Mars wants to break things open, cover himself in blood, sharpen his spear and lunge for enemies. Cancer is the sign ruled by the moody Moon, a water sign that prefers the quietude of hidden interiors than the active heat of Mars energy. You can see that this combination is not ideal.

We can be sure that there will be some frustration with Mars in Cancer. But perhaps this is an interesting experiment for us. Can we find ways to sit with our pain when it seems to overwhelm our systems? Is it enough to acknowledge our anger, to name it and try to set it free? Or do we need to pierce it with our martian swords? This spell of Mars in Cancer will bring up lots of questions around how we internalize rage, and what we can do to quell abuse that emanates from within. 

On May 22nd, Mars will sextile Uranus, which can either be constructive or overwhelming. Uranus is the planet of futurity and shocking change, and sextiles are active, productive aspects. This could be a day where we are shown a new way of seeing, a way of tilting our head at our hot feelings and envisioning a new way out. Either that or we’ll be overloaded with energy and seek to lash out. Be mindful of how you speak to family members, loved ones, and people in the home on this day. 

June 13th sees Mars trine Neptune, bringing an intuitive softness to the relationship we have with conflict. Our own inner energy source deserves a spiritual check-in, and this is the perfect day for that. On June 14th Mars will oppose Saturn, bringing pressure to our chests, as the planet of responsibility and boundary will bear down on Mars at this time. Take note of how you feel, and see what you can channel into productivity. Try not to internalize too much today. Yes, you are being shown your flaws, but there is a message here for you. 

Lastly, on June 19th Mars opposes Pluto, and this is a tense and potentially explosive aspect for the day. Mars and Pluto in conversation with one another are a powerful duo, and in this oppositional aspect formation, there is a chance that we’ll get carried away in a sea of anger, frustration. We may lash out. We may be empowered to finally tell someone off. It all depends on you my dear. 

Venus, Mars, and Lessons in Boundaries

Both Venus and Mars are powerful planets that help shape our sense of self, Venus influencing our material and aesthetic needs, and Mars influencing our pride, our warring sense, our sense of accomplishment. With Venus in Taurus, the desire to cultivate a strong relationship to the body is enhanced, encouraged. We are striving to make more aligned choices for ourselves, so that our physical existence can be harmonized, gracious. Venus in Taurus asks for an enhanced awareness of form. 

Mars in Cancer forces the planet to re-work the way it processes anger. This is uncomfortable for the planet, as his normal pathways to success are blocked by Cancer’s spiky shell and stubborn claws. We move side to side rather than forward with Mars in Cancer, but perhaps this is just what we need. 

Both planets are asking us to reconnect with our sense of self, but in different ways. From the physical fertility of Venus to questions about anger from Mars, this is an opportunity for us to reroute, to redefine, and to gracefully weave a fresh set of boundaries, of standards for ourselves and our loved ones. The planets are always moving my darlings, and if we move in rhythm with them, we can come to a closer understanding of self. Whether you are wearing a crown of Venusian bull-horn, or draping yourself in Moonspun cloaks of Cancer, I hope you find a fresh sense of connectivity with Venus in Taurus and Mars in Cancer. 

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Occultist, poet, translator, Neptunian lamentress. Christina Farella operates Eighth House Astrology, where she creates astrological portraits for Seekers. She imagines our natal charts as lush celestial embroidery hovering over our shoulders. Fondness for descent into the underworld. She hangs myrtle above her bed.
Occultist, poet, translator, Neptunian lamentress. Christina Farella operates Eighth House Astrology, where she creates astrological portraits for Seekers. She imagines our natal charts as lush celestial embroidery hovering over our shoulders. Fondness for descent into the underworld. She hangs myrtle above her bed.


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