New Moon in Sagittarius: Arrow of Wisdom

New Moon in Sagittarius: Arrow of Wisdom

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On the horizon, something new is flickering. There are hidden pathways to the places you need to get. Do you have your bow and arrow? In fact, you do. You have spent an entire year sharpening the flint, the stone, the iron blade that rests in your quiver. Dip the arrow in oil, set a match to the tip and let the arrows loose into the dark. There, you see the path illuminated by the fast flying flame. Sing into the night, and hear what answers back. Press onward. Your heart is expanding. This is the power of Sagittarius season. 

Here in the northern hemisphere, days are short and feel mostly dark. The cold presses in through the cracks in doors and windows. The impetus is to curl up, creaturelike, and wait for spring. We must remember though, that from now until December 21st, the Sun is in Sagittarius, the sign of the archer, the teacher, the thinker, the explorer, and healer. In ancient myth, Chiron, the great herbalist, set Sagittarius in the sky as a guiding constellation for Jason and the Argonauts as they pursued the Golden Fleece, guiding them to the island of Colchis. Themes of exploration, bravery, engaging with the unknown, and pushing toward the horizon all abound when the Sun is in Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius is a fire sign, along with Aries and Leo, and is also a mutable sign, meaning it is flexible, curious, malleable in focus. Fire signs are renown for their visionary energy. They are often bold in terms of setting their own pathways, and pursuing them relentlessly and with great force. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, optimism, expansion, and excess. The same god who invites you to a party that shows you a new way of looking at the world is the same god who overdoes it, has too much wine, and tears the curtains down in the banquet hall. Jupiter brings growth of perspective, encourages learning and engagement with philosophical and spiritual ideas. By a similar turn, Jupiter really can enlarge or magnify things that are problematic, and start some drama for us all. 

This is perhaps most starkly depicted in terms of Jupiter’s trip through Scorpio this past year (October 2017 – November 2018), which was characterized by the explosion of action around the #MeToo movement, and the exposure of corruption and ill dealings of all kinds on a governmental, societal, and philosophical level. Jupiter, magnifier of the truth, in Scorpio, sign of hidden psychological truth, brought heightened awareness around these themes. 

Now, however, the energy has shifted. Jupiter moved into Sagittarius in November 2018, and thus re-entered the sign of its rulership. The planet is happy here, and empowered to do some important work. We have pulled up a good amount of psychological and energetic muck from the bottom of our societal ocean, and now with Jupiter in Sagittarius, we are able to actually do something with that information, and to try to start building a better world. 

December 6th brings us a New Moon in Sagittarius, initiating a renewal around the themes mentioned above, having to do with Jupiter, expansion, progress, intellect. We tilt into the darkness of winter, but not without a bowl of fire in hand. 

The New Moon in Sagittarius finds the Sun and Moon conjunct in Sagittarius (as all New Moons are characterized by this conjunction), which indicates a feeling of connectivity between ego and emotion, Sun and Moon, mind and heart. This is a time to reassess your values around your intellect, your self worth, how you explore the world around you. What is your philosophical disposition? Why is it this way? Do you have a connection to the divine? What else can you learn about yourself, about your current situation, about the world at large? The world really is so big. Sagittarius ruled Jupiter reminds us that there is always more to uncover, to explore, to engage with, that can broaden our perspective. New Moons are also a time of planting seeds. What can you pour from your heartmind into the earth around themes of expansion and philosophical growth? 

The image is of the centaur loosing starry arrows across the night sky. He is not so concerned with where they land, but is more interested in how far the arrow flies. The New Moon in Sagittarius asks you to unburden yourself from anxiety around the end result, and encourages you to shift your perspective to include not just the next step, but the horizon. Insert corny “shoot for the stars” reference here. But really, this is the message. You cannot get to where you’re going by keeping your gaze fixed on the ground between your feet. Sagittarius New Moon wants you to look up, out, over, and forward. 

December 6th brings us some powerful astrological weather as well, which deserves our attention. 

The Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are all in Sagittarius. Sun and Moon are conjunct at 15° and Jupiter is close behind at 6° Sagittarius. To say that we are encouraged now to be expansive is an understatement. Find a way to open yourself up, either through meditation, personal divination work, journaling, taking a super long walk—anything really, that can orient you to thinking bigger, more expansively, about your future. It is really important for all of us to stop hiding our light, at this point in time. If you have been nursing a project, an art practice, a new technique in your profession or passion, it is time to start exposing it to the world. Sun + Moon + Jupiter in Sagittarius = Growth, growth, growth. 

On this day, Mercury stations direct, ending its retrograde phase, the last one for 2018. Mercury stations direct in Scorpio, which it entered last week on December 1st. Mercury rules communication, messages, language, travel. In Scorpio, Mercury makes us talk about the psychologically deep, the intense hidden things that normally get blocked or obfuscated by our desire to maintain social niceties. Mercury in Scorpio will burn bridges, so long as it gets to speak the truth, regardless of how dark. Scorpio has such integrity, really, it cannot help but be blunt sometimes. 

For the past few weeks, Mercury’s retrograde has offered us a window into what we might have missed, in our communicative dealings with others and with ourselves. Now that Mercury has stationed direct, we can put that information to good use, and move forward with a little clarity and honesty. 

The most intense planetary connection of the day, besides the Sun and Moon conjunct in Sagittarius, is another conjunction between Mars and Neptune in Pisces at 13°. Mars and Neptune are energetically extremely different, as Mars is the planet of sexual aggression and conflict and Neptune is the planet of dreams, confusion, intuition, and the psyche. Bringing them together in Pisces, the feeling is one of thwarted action, deep sensitivity that leads us to feelings of emotional injury or paranoia. The influence of this aspect can also make to feel romantic, but aggressively so, with the presence of Mars there. Be mindful of how you are connecting with others. This will be a day of crash landings of intimacy, confused boundaries, and simultaneous feelings of merging and argumentative behavior. 

Overall we should use the energetic force of the New Moon in Sagittarius to attune us to the journey of the year ahead. In your natal chart, look to see what house is ruled by Sagittarius to get a sense of what themes the New Moon in Sagittarius lights up for you. 

Arrows agleam, 

Celestial Hermit 

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Occultist, poet, translator, Neptunian lamentress. Christina Farella operates Eighth House Astrology, where she creates astrological portraits for Seekers. She imagines our natal charts as lush celestial embroidery hovering over our shoulders. Fondness for descent into the underworld. She hangs myrtle above her bed.
Occultist, poet, translator, Neptunian lamentress. Christina Farella operates Eighth House Astrology, where she creates astrological portraits for Seekers. She imagines our natal charts as lush celestial embroidery hovering over our shoulders. Fondness for descent into the underworld. She hangs myrtle above her bed.


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