New Moon in Aquarius: Electric Futures, Electric W...

New Moon in Aquarius: Electric Futures, Electric Waters

And just like that, the first month of the year is behind us. January’s dual eclipses did some heavy karmic work of ending the previous Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle and officiating the start of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle, which we will now experience through July of 2020. Echoes of doors opening and closing seem to surround us, and our bids for manifestation, conjuring, or wishful thinking all seemed to have fallen flat. Luckily, we can part ways with this old energy, which offered more silence than solace. The New Moon in Aquarius is here to strike a path forward. Aquarius is the sign that strides toward the future. With the energy of the New Moon at our back, we too can initiate newness, and begin again hearts fortified. 

February 4th, 2019 brings us the New Moon in Aquarius at 1:04pm PST. Ringing in at 15° Aquarius, the Sun and Moon sit beside one another in the zodiac, as each New Moon is noted as the conjunction of the Sun and Moon. With the luminary of the emotions mingling her energy with the luminary of the ego, the will, the New Moon of each month is the perfect time to find alignment between head and heart, to assess your situation, and leave behind that which no longer serves. A simultaneous end and beginning, the New Moon supports us in our intention to plant seeds for the cycle ahead, while weeding out what has expired. 

Aquarius is a fixed air sign traditionally ruled by Saturn, planet of self-mastery, time, and boundaries. We also consider Uranus a secondary ruler of the sign, and this planet is associated with technology, futurity, electricity, and progress. Like Prometheus who stole fire from the gods to bring mortals their first technology, Uranus is a trickster, an instigator. As a bringer of insight and inspiration, we can consider him a higher octave of Mercury, planet of language and intuition. Aquarius is both serious and diligent, as well as quirky and bizarre. A perspective unlike anyone else’s is given by that Uranian influence. Uranus dreams in lightning. Aquarius inhabits the imagination, and then makes the imaginary material. 

The sign of Aquarius then carries all of this symbolism inside of himself. With the blending of energies from task-master Saturn and futuristic Uranus, Aquarius understands how to build on the established foundation to propel us forward into the future as a society. 

As the ruler of the 11th House, Aquarius is the sign that talks to us about public groups that we belong to, societies, clubs, chosen families. Along with Virgo and Pisces, Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, and seeks to use his future-oriented vision to bring us forward as a society. The individual blends with the collective here. Aquarius knows that we are all only as strong as our weakest member, and so seeks to strengthen us on both an individual level with compassion and deep empathy, and on an institutional level, as well. Think of the precious resource of water that Aquarius famously bears in his tall pitchers. Aquarius, water-bearer, pours water for us to drink as a collective so that we can first be nourished. Then, he tells us, we must keep pushing down the path of progress. 

This particular lunation brings us a surge of intellectual and philosophical inspiration, as the Sun and Moon sit conjunct Mercury, also in Aquarius. Mercury in Aquarius brings visionary energy. When the planet of communication and intuition is steeped in the energy of Aquarius, our use of language becomes inventive. We’ll speak of big plans, making grandiose schemes to get to the next phase. 

The Sun/Moon/Mercury conjunction is supported by an energetic sextile to Jupiter, the planet of fertility, expansion, and excess. Jupiter is currently in Sagittarius, the sign that Jupiter rules over. Jupiter is optimistic, brave, curious, and ever-growing. Jupiter’s sextile to the New Moon, Sun, and Mercury signals to us that we’ll be thinking and talking about all things philosophical, idea oriented, spiritual, and intellectual. Ideas may come to us from remote places, or we might find inspiration in something completely unexpected and foreign to us. The combination of Aquarius energy and Jupiterian fire makes this New Moon a particularly jovial one, and one that seeks to help us clearly enunciate our vision of the future. 

We’re still coming away from the turbulent Mars square Pluto aspect that colored our weekend, so chances are you may not be feeling empowered to think about the future. If this is the case, you are not alone. Mars square Pluto shook up a lot of deep-seated anger, trauma, and frustration. If you experienced an eruption of this kind, be gentle with yourself, and rest now with the new information that may have come to light. Difficult aspects are very real, and there is no shame in sadness, suffering, or confusion. 

With that said, I do believe that this New Moon is here to provide support, like water from a cold white bowl on the hottest day on Mars. Aquarius is here to nourish you. And once you drink long and drink deep of Aquarian waters, I hope you find the stars in your eyes once more. Though our days are sometimes dark and damp, there are little filaments of hope. When I struggle to see them, I remember that we are united in our battles of the heart and spirit, all of you and I. The wheel turns anew, my dears, and the year has just begun. How will you answer the Aquarian call to the future? Wherever you are, I’ll meet you there. 

Clear water in a brilliant bowl,

Celestial Hermit


Aries + Aries Rising 

You are so skilled at going out into the world, but when you go, do you go alone? Your horns are so adept at breaking through new territory, both emotional and intellectual, and this method of exploration is highly individualistic. You are the first sign, the leader of the pack, and for that I admire you. This New Moon asks you to familiarize yourself with what lies beyond the personal, and what is crucial to you on a group, collective level. You’re a brilliant explorer, dear Aries. This New Moon is the time to connect with friends who share your vision, and then as a group, pursue that dream. 

Taurus + Taurus Rising 

Taurus, you are the perfect combination of Venusian luxuriant and diligent steed. When inspired, the quality of your work knows no bounds, and as such you are a marvelous cultivator of fertility, in all senses of the word. This New Moon in Aquarius asks you to connect with your public persona, and acquaint yourself with how others see you and your work, and the contributions you make to this world. Growth is possible at this time in terms of your career and reputation, my dear. You can call in what’s next, thanks to your ability to root your hooves into the earth, the practical, the material. Your skill level and reputation precede you, little bull. Don’t fear your next steps.

Gemini + Gemini Rising 

Gemini, bright twin, you are filled with language. Whether you’re speaking your thoughts aloud or just endlessly swimming in the stream of consciousness in your head, your mental realm is fit to burst at all times. This New Moon asks you to capitalize on that curious, idea oriented spirit, and find ways to connect with fresh concepts from far off places. Getting in touch with the philosophical, or spiritual will bring gifts at this time. Your mind loves to expand, so do it! This is a time when it really benefits you to expand your horizons, both physical and mental. Keep your eyes fixed on what’s up ahead–you are making progress, my dear! New fascinating concepts await you, with the Moon new in Aquarius. 

Cancer + Cancer Rising

Dear crab, you can be so serious. You, my sideways beach comber, are always ready to retreat to the home space, for this is where life truly happens for you. Joy comes from the interior, and you are the best cultivator of what lies within, as a result. This New Moon asks you to tap in to the depths of your psyche. The part of your chart illuminated by this New Moon governs the underworld of the mind and heart. The unseen, the difficult, the shadow of the self. There is an opportunity, here and now, to release yourself from old narratives of pain and suffering. Like a warm salt bath, immersing yourself in these deep dark waters brings healing at this time. 

Leo + Leo Rising 

Hello pretty lion, the Moon is New in Aquarius. You are so loyal, so proud, and so good at cultivating friendships that wind up feeling like family. You rule the heart, my dear, and as such you wear yours on your sleeve. This New Moon wants to see you think about your role in relationships and partnerships of all kind. Is there balance there? How do you cultivate harmony for yourself and for others? Do you listen as much as you speak, or should I say roar? These questions are important for you at the moment. Though you are strong, you cannot thrive if you overpower those you seek to love. Take a breath, take stock of your connections, and balance those scales of the heart. 

Virgo + Virgo Rising 

Earth virgin, how are you? How are your hands? How is your skin? How is your tongue? How is your stomach? You are skilled at serving others, and can be self-sacrificing to great extents. This New Moon wants you to reconnect yourself with rituals of health and the body. Though sometimes it is easier to take care of others than it is to properly care for ourselves, how can you continue doing your important soul work if you are in a weakened or compromised state? This New Moon is an invitation to reorient yourself to yourself. Go inward, be the Hermit. Know that you cannot only derive nourishment by serving others. You are competent as Demeter. Things grow and thrive around you. Water your own garden beds today, pull out those rotting stalks, and breathe deeply into all four corners of those earthen lungs. There you are. Now repeat. 

Libra + Libra Rising 

Golden one, my dear Libra, you hold those scales of justice aloft, and for that I truly thank you. Though you are known for your need to exist in balance, I know that this is sometimes not totally possible. And that’s OK. You don’t have to be perfect. This New Moon asks you to tap into your sense of artistic power, something that comes quite natural to you due to your ruling planet, Venus, goddess of surfaces. You have a voice, my dear. You have visions. You know color, texture, the weight of fabric, the feel of wood or marble. You love to hold these things in your hands, and are a masterful curator of space, sound, and language. This New Moon wants you to express yourself, fully and deeply. From within you rings a golden tone, the sound of a sweet bell of glass, ringing. Amplify your sound with passion, and delight in the uniqueness of your own true vibrations. 

Scorpio + Scorpio Rising 

Scorpio, are you made of night or are you made of fire? No need to choose, you are made of both. The aether that glows within you is derived from scorpion, phoenix, and eagle. While you bathe yourself in the River Styx, you also possess wings of flame. There is so much power within you. This New Moon wants to see you root down into the private space of your domestic self. You are a masterful cultivator of ideas, psychology, experiments of all kinds. Be that as it may, the New Moon in Aquarius wants to see you retreat a bit, and ask yourself where you stand in your own home. Where are your roots? How healthy are they? Do you know your ancestors? Do you speak to your ghosts? When’s the last time you opened a window in your living room to let some new air in? If you have been neglecting the private, the public cannot flourish. Tend to the shoots and leaves of your home space, and feel power in the strength you can cultivate there. Engaging with the tangible is not always easy for you. This is a call to step out of the laboratory of your mind, and engage with what lies within the material confines of your home. 

Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising 

Hi my centaur-archer, I hope you’re doing well. What condition is your bow and arrow in at the moment? I hope the arrow tip is as strong as your brilliant mind. Loosing your arrows across the night sky is indeed a familiar act to you. This New Moon in Aquarius lights up the part of your chart that governs language, the intellect, and how it is cultivated. You’re never one to shy away from a debate or conversation that brings you new information. In fact, you’re likely always in search of something you’ve never heard before. This lights you up, stokes your fire. How beautiful then, that this New Moon asks you to engage with your intellectual self. To think about your words, how you use them, how they impact others as well as paint a portrait of yourself. You may be able to articulate ideas you hadn’t been able to speak of before, at this time. I hope you find something that strengthens and delights you.

Capricorn + Capricorn Rising 

Capricorn, with your strong goat shoulders and glittering fish tail, you are truly the queen of multitasking, and we all know it. You are someone with a strong sense of values, thanks to your ruling planet, Saturn. At this time, the New Moon in Aquarius encourages you to ask yourself what your relationship is to resources like money, possessions, and relationships. Wealth comes to us in all manners of speaking, and this lunation lights up a part of your chart that governs wealth. How do you treat your financial self? Do you spend wisely in terms of money, time, love, energy given to others? Are you getting what you deserve? How much is your self-worth wrapped up in old patterns of lack, fear, or insecurity? Examine your connection to your resources, and if you need to make some changes, now is the perfect time to do so. You will be able to invite in abundance, at this time. 

Aquarius + Aquarius Rising 

Happy New Moon in Aquarius, dear water-giver! This is your annual New Moon portal to yourself, rhythms of your identity, and sense of self worth. Aquarius, you love to dissolve yourself into the group, and you are so good at cultivating and supporting the power of others. Be that as it may, this New Moon wants you to connect to yourself. Though we don’t exist in a vacuum, it is important to remember to really check in with the self to make sure we are aligned with our goals and visions. Take some time over the next few days to talk to yourself. Ask yourself what you need to be better nourished, to be comforted, confident, and true to yourself. Ruled by Saturn and Uranus, there is truly no one else like you. You know how to combine tradition with bizzaro visions of the future. But you cannot go on unless you are clear with yourself. This is a time to celebrate yourself, to fortify in the darkness of the New Moon. 

Pisces + Pisces Rising 

Pisces, you are that twinned fish that swims in dark and light, in dayworld and underworld, and I love this about you. You know all about the shadows that lurk within the heart, as well as the joy that comes from connecting with your favorite friends. This New Moon wants you to take some time for yourself and rest, my dear. The year has just started, but you might be feeling a little burned out by last weekend’s astrology, as you’re sensitive and receptive to outside energies. With the part of your chart that governs the need to be alone, I encourage you to really take some time to care for yourself in private. Soothing baths are highly recommended, as are any form of meditation, self-care, or reflection that you are connected to. You may be feeling old memories or fears stirring up from the depths. Those things are not here to stay, but rather to remind you of how far you’ve come. I know you are so strong. Beams of hope emanate from your chest. Take time to dwell within for the next few days, if you can. Your dreams hold messages, but you are the sole translator. 

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Occultist, poet, translator, Neptunian lamentress. Christina Farella operates Eighth House Astrology, where she creates astrological portraits for Seekers. She imagines our natal charts as lush celestial embroidery hovering over our shoulders. Fondness for descent into the underworld. She hangs myrtle above her bed.
Occultist, poet, translator, Neptunian lamentress. Christina Farella operates Eighth House Astrology, where she creates astrological portraits for Seekers. She imagines our natal charts as lush celestial embroidery hovering over our shoulders. Fondness for descent into the underworld. She hangs myrtle above her bed.


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